The Quiet Revolution of Data Unity Post author

A key benefit of the Dataslayer platform is the ability to pull data from various sources into one sheet. This is a quiet revolution, one that should be televised, and not taken for granted.

If we think back 5 years, the ability to do this was limited to running a report from Google Analytics, where the data was limited to to what GA recorded. Spend and impression data was limited to Adwords, excluding the important detail of social and video channels.

So we resorted to pulling CSVs from various platforms and smashing it together in Excel, correlating time periods, formatting columns and naming conventions and spending way too much time on getting the data into the sheet, as opposed to the insight out of the sheet.

We have come a long way in these 5 years. I am deeply grateful for GSheets and its abilities to absorb data from APIs. Thank you Google for your free and open stance on data collection, you have saved the data community many tedious hours and enhanced the ability to add value to our stakeholders.

I believe we are at the start of the data unity. It is easy to see an even brighter next 5 years, where data comes together from a range of open sources in richer and deeper ways. Where machine learning analyses the data and learns to provide meaningful insights that can improve our businesses. My hope is that DataSlayer gives its users a starting point for this adventure and continues to keep apace with the fast evolutions of technology, data, and insights.

Juan de Portugal – Founder of DataSlayer