Create PPC Reports with Free PPC Reporting Tool

When it comes to PPC management, every business manager finds ways to streamline project delivery during the dreaded end of the month. It is quite daunting and time consuming for PPC managers to create their own custom reports in Data Studio and Google Analytics. Thankfully, there are a plethora of PPC management tools available that help you manage your PPC-related tasks smoothly and more effectively. These PPC tools are quite beneficial for those managers who want to boost their speed, productivity as well as perfect results.

If you are also a PPC manager struggling to crawl those detailed PPC campaign reports manually at the end of every month, then this blog is for you. You can experience a great revolution with an easy to use, simple PPC management tool. Whether you are an enterprise company or a digital agency, PPC management tools help you make things associated with your business more automated.

Listed below are the benefits you get from any reliable PPC management tool:

  • PPC Report Automation: The automated PPC reports will improve the performance of your PPC campaign by offering you with the actionable insights. Monitor your PPC campaign and schedule reports directly from your inbox and send the results.
  • Measure and Improve PPC Metrics: The easiest and simplest way to improve your PPC campaign is to measure it and make improvements in the PPC metrics. Also, you should avoid vanity metrics to save your money while improving ROI.
  • Easy Reporting: PPC reporting is one of the important elements of PPC optimization. It is simple to choose a PPC report and run an on-demand report in just a few clicks. That means you can find your potential customers in just a few clicks away.
  • Great User Experience: Flat reports can be difficult and boring to use. You can produce engaging and enjoyable PDF reports for managing PPC campaigns. It is easy to create custom charts that help you see insights in just a second.
  • PPC Optimization: PPC optimization is easy with a reliable PPC management tool as you can get proper results with minimal effort. A PPC report can give you the intelligence that is required to optimize your PPC campaign.

Now if you are seeking the best and free PPC reporting tool, then Dataslayer is the name you should take into consideration. It is the most reliable PPC reporting tool for online PPC marketing metrics in the Google sheets. It helps to update reports from analytics, Adwords, Microsoft advertising, Criteo, DV360, DCM, and FB. The tool is an alternative to super metrics and built with dedicated PPC experts in mind. With the help of this tool, you can combine data sources and create customized PPC reports for your clients.

About Dataslayer: Dataslayer is the best super metrics alternative. It is a completely free and simple option to create PPC reports while updating them automatically in the Google sheets.

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