Dataslayer: A Free PPC Reporting Tool for PPC Managers

Doing PPC reporting properly often includes trade-offs between money and time. However, it takes a lot of time to build the perfect report. That time you can spend on improving the performance of your PPC account. There are many PPC reporting tools available in the market that help you generate a quick and custom report with great accuracy.

Thus, if you are a PPC manager who can’t spare to check data and create PPC reports, then you should start using Dataslayer. It is a herramienta gratuita de informes PPC automaticos which helps to create accurate PPC reports and update them in the Google sheets.

Here are the features of Dataslayer that you can benefit from-

  • Importing Data is Easy: With Dataslayer, you can easily import data from various data sources which include, Google Analytics, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Bing ads directly into Google sheets.
  • Create Reports and Schedule Automation: You can easily create reports with custom features and schedule automation to achieve more convenience.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality: With drag and drop functionality, you can ensure engaging and custom reports that help you grab the attention of your clients.
  • Make Different Types of Dashboards: You can make different types of dashboards for search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, or any other data. This PPC reporting tool helps you gather all types of data in one place and analyze it with a single click.

Besides this, you can get benefit from the Enterprise plan of Dataslayer in which you get help from your dedicated account manager. This account manager is a professional with years of expertise in PPC reporting, ready to be available to help to achieve your PPC reporting goals. Dataslayer allows you to give your clients visual, strong and accurate reports and offer the best customer support.

If you are a PPC manager and struggling to send PPC reports accurately to your clients, then it is the time you should deploy Dataslayer. It is the best and completely free alternative to supermetrics. You might be using supermetrics for a long time and familiar with the entire familiar offered by the tool, but Dataslayer will provide you more features at completely free of cost. Thus, using Dataslayer is the smart choice to accomplish your tasks related to PPC reporting while saving a lot of money.

Besides, Dataslayer is a reliable and secured PPC reporting tool, you don’t need to worry about your PPC data when it is imported into the Google sheet. With this Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your PPC team while ensuring clients satisfaction with detailed and engaging PPC reports.

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