Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer: Competitor Analysis and Review

In this article, we will dive into an in-depth discussion on Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer. This analysis and review will help you choose the right reporting tool for your agency or marketing team.

Manually extracting data from multiple platforms can be challenging or even impossible. However, with powerful tools like Dataslayer and Porter Metrics, with a few clicks, it’s done!

Dataslayer y Porter Metrics both will help you automate your data reporting. They will allow you to source data from different marketing platforms into your preferred data analysis platforms.

However, while both can do almost similar functionality, each tool is unique and valuable for different users. Choosing one over the other is not always a straightforward decision.

So, let’s dive in and check the five factors that sets them apart.


To consider functionality as a factor in choosing between two reporting tools, you need to understand their data sources and destinations. 

Data Sources

Let’s start to discuss Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer’s data sources. There are a few key questions you should ask yourself about data sources. You need to know how many data sources, how fast the connection is, and what data you can pull from those sources. 

Porter Metrics focuses on pulling their data mainly from Facebook Ads and Insights, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. In contrast, Dataslayer focuses on Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Advertising.

Here is a list of features you can pull your data from in Dataslayer.

Data Sources in DataslayerData sources in porter metrics
Google Analytics
Google Ads
New Google Ads (Early Access)
Facebook Ads & Insights
Google Display & Video 360
Google Campaign Manager (DCM)
Search Console
YouTube Ads
Google My Business
LinkedIn Pages & Ads
Google Search Ads (SA360)
Twitter ads
TikTok Ads (Early access)
Instagram Ads (through Facebook Ads connector), Insights & Public Data
Snapchat Ads
Microsoft Advertising / Bing

Work in progress
Amazon Ads
Maria DB
Oracle (Beta)
Microsoft SQL Server

Link to details: Data connectors 
Facebook Public Data
Facebook Insights
Instagram Insights
Facebook Instagram Ads
LinkedIn ads
LinkedIn Pages
Twitter Ads 
Twitter  Analytics
TikTok Ads

Work in progress
Amazon Seller Central

Link to details: Data connectors Porter 
Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer data sources comparison table

Data Destinations

Where you take your data is crucial. Where do Porter Metrics and Dataslayer pull your data to?

Here’s the list for Dataslayer:

  • Google Data Studio,
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • BigQuery
  • Tableau
  • Power BI

Both tools have Google Data Studio as their data destinations. What is different, though, is that while both connect to Google Data Studio, Dataslayer offers a direct connection to other tools like your favorite spreadsheet programs.

Data Source Development

Constantly, both companies behind these tools focus on making reporting more effortless and helpful. The goals of each platform vary, however.

For example, Porter Metrics keeps adding more themes for better visualizations. Dataslayer, on the other hand, keeps adding more data sources to widen your net.

With Dataslayer, you can connect to new data sources like social media, eCommerce platforms, and databases.

Another factor is the availability of data extraction tools that allow seamless transfers from your previous reporting tools. These tools help you to transition quickly and smoothly, thus increasing your productivity. Dataslayer provides robust tools to migrate your data from other reporting tools like Supermetrics.

One other favorite feature for many is that you can schedule refresh and emails to make your external reporting more painless and faster.

Ease of Use

While ease of use depends more on the context, we will base our factors on a basic level. That is, how easier can the new users with no technical skills use each tool without straining?

Given the few features that Porter Metrics offers, it is quite obvious that it holds a higher score in ease of use. But when you compare what users say on the review sites like G2, their users equally find the interfaces intuitive and user-friendly.

There are no two perfectly equal software solutions, though. So, there must be some degree of easiness or hardness. In this Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer review, which is easier than the other?

Here, we found a user who complained about Dataslayer’s sidebar on G2. And here’s how he put it:

What do you dislike?

“The sidebar for the tool can be a bit confusing at first, especially modifying certain queries that require further login details, which can be very confusing for some users.”

G2 review

While a sidebar is just a small piece of the whole equation, it can be quite enough for us to conclude that Porter Metrics offers a better user experience than Dataslayer.

Customer Support

Customer support is extremely important when choosing a service provider. It is so significant that 68% of customers would rather pay extra to do business with companies known for top-notch customer support.

In another study, 90% of research subjects reveal that customer service is an essential factor when choosing a service company. Therefore, customer support is critical in this Dataslayer vs Porter Metrics review.

User reviews on G2 reveal the stands for each platform. With over 20 reviews for Dataslayer and only 6 for Porter Metrics, you can guess that we got quality reviews. But what are these users saying? Are they happy with the support from each provider?

G2 User Reviews on Customer Support

Here are the reviews for Dataslayer:

What do you like best?

Dataslayer is a powerful tool, yet very simple to use.

G2 review

What do you like best?

Dataslayer is a very easy to use tool, and with a really interesting price in comparison with other similar options in the data extraction tools market.”

G2 review

What do you like best?

Dataslayer is very easy and fast to use with an intuitive UI.”

G2 review

Porter reviews:

What do you like best?

Very simple to use, easy setup and awesome report templates.”

G2 review

As you can see, both have really happy customers who gave excellent reviews on customer service. However, there is one review for a customer with chatbot issues in Dataslayer. That wasn’t a great experience for him, surely.

When dealing with APIs, especially from several sources, it’s impossible to escape occasional hiccups. Sometimes, the issues that come up may not even relate to the tool you used to source your data—but with the data source itself. 

So, it matters whom to choose to help you get over such problems. In such situations, this is what Dataslayer does:

What do you dislike?

“There is not much to dislike. Dataslayer grows every day while maintaning their quality and speed. It feels like Dataslayer has a great team with top-notch customer support. Most of the errors on my queries are not Dataslayer related but data source API related and they even help me to optimize my queries to work better.

G2 review

Out of all the six current reviews of Porter Metrics on G2, all mentioned the awesomeness of their customer support. So, we are safe to say that they took the lead, at least a little.

Value for Money

Pricing is a top consideration when evaluating a software company to work with. This is especially important for digital marketing. If not taken seriously, you can skyrocket your costs and get little or no value for your investment.

Dataslayer and Porter Metrics are two close competitors for data connectors that will help you automate your everyday data reporting. But which is worth your money? 

While it all boils down to your needs, let’s check what users have to say about the value of their money.

Dataslayer user on G2 review:

What do you like best?

“Dataslayer is a very easy-to-use tool and with a really interesting price in comparison with other similar options in the data extraction tools market.”

G2 review

What do you like best?

Price point and quick resolution times for issues raised.”

G2 review

The reviews here are clear. Users for Dataslayer are happy with the services they get, and they happily show it was a great bargain. No review mentioned anything about value in Porter Metrics’s reviews.


The more your data connector can allow you to grow and adapt to your needs, the more you will want to choose it, right? Right.

Then how does Porter Metrics compare with Dataslayer? Which tool will fit into your needs as you grow? 

At Dataslayer, our primary goal is always to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions for all sizes of organizations. We keep adding newer features so powerful to revolutionize your reporting. We offer low-cost options because we want to give you space for your growth.

Each feature can perform well with the same connector quality now as it will be when you grow.

Porter Metrics can be great for those who are just starting. It’s perfect for marketers and agencies who need an easy-to-use solution with fewer advanced analytics and reporting tools.

However, as your data needs grow, your data and analytics needs may outgrow the Porter Metrics platform. 

The pace of growth for adding new features is another way to scale with the changes in your company. As you have seen, Dataslayer promises more. For Porter Metrics, that solely depends on their decision-makers. So, we won’t make any guarantees on their behalf.

If you want to start right, we are confident that we will partner with you to meet the growing demands of your marketing needs. With us, you will always be confident that you will keep adding whatever you may need throughout your marketing data journey.

Dataslayer vs Porter Metrics: Which to choose

Finding and evaluating the right tool for your reporting needs is hard work. It is even more challenging when you want a good bargain because of a limited budget.

However, when you know exactly what you need, you’ve solved one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is just mapping those needs into the available solutions to find the most viable option.

To summarize, if you need to source your data from PPC campaings, Seach Engine Marketing, and Social Media, then Dataslayer is undoubtedly unbeatable. However, if your needs orient mainly towards social media marketing, Porter Metrics will be your best choice.