Five Best Supermetrics Alternatives And Competitors

Supermetrics Alternatives
Supermetrics Alternatives and Competitors

Since 2013, Supermetrics has been helping businesses to analyze and report their data from several sources. But sometimes, we can’t help but wonder if we can find better Supermetrics alternatives. 

You may want to look for other tools because Supermetrics is generally expensive, so it might tighten your budget for the same features and quality that you could get elsewhere. 

Whether this is your reason or you are just speculating on the alternatives, this post is for you.

We will discuss Supermetrics’s direct competitors and why or when each is worth switching to. Each tool here may become your ideal solution for your marketing needs. 

Before we dive right into Supermetrics Alternatives, lets first look at its overview:


What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is an ETL, a Data Extract-Transform-Load tool that helps businesses pull their marketing data from over 70 data sources.

It provides better analytics and functionality to centralize your reporting in one place.

With Supermetrics, you can take your data to destinations like Google Data Studio,, Excel, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake for all your web analytics, social media, and online marketing campaigns. Supermetrics, however, doesn’t have its own reporting tool.

Why choose Supermetrics over the rest?

  • The number of connections available and their data sources: Supermetrics supports over 70 connectors, which is a good number.
  • The other reason is if you are not afraid of the costs. Supermetrics is one tool that almost everyone tags as expensive.
  • The last reason is if you are a really big enterprise with too many demands on several data sources. Sometimes, many alternatives may not maintain their quality and speed when you need several chunks of data from different sources all at once.

Supermetrics Features

When it comes to features for an ETL, the lines between what you offer and what others provide quickly become blurred. What a company can brag about is the number of sources they can connect to, their connection quality, and their preferred destinations.

That is why, Supermetrics boasts about their 70+ connections with their varied data destinations, mainly Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. 

So to frame it right, Supermetrics does exactly what many other ETL tools do, but just with a broader data source with more efficiency or speed.

Basically, you can do the following with Supermetrics: 

  • Connect Google Data Studio and Google Sheets to 70+ data sources
  • Email and forum support
  • Set and schedule automatic report refresh and emailing 
  • Provides an API for custom integrations

It can do a lot more than these, but in this context, that is what it does — at least, if you can spend a few extra thousand dollars.

Supermetrics Pricing

supermetrics pricing google dataslayer

For Google Sheets, the pricing starts at $47 per data source each month. There is also a free version, but because it allows connection to Google Analytics only, which is not worth it as there is a free native connection already.

supermetrics pricing google sheets

The problem with Supermetrics’s pricing is that it does not offer flexible payment plans. If you need only a few features for your business’s needs, you have to pay the same as someone who needs all in the same package. So, it is best to maximize all the features in your plan.

The Top 7 Supermetrics Alternatives and competitors


What is Dataslayer?

Dataslayer homepage

Dataslayer is a fast, user-friendly, and cheapest alternative to Supermetrics. It is the #1 alternative because it is the only tool that has developed the same features as Supermetrics at a much lower price.

You can request data from over 40+ sources, and for Google Sheets, you can pull large chunks of data for up to 5 million rows without affecting the speed and quality. 

If you are a Supermetrics user, you will not have a challenge transitioning to Dataslayer. There are tools to help you pull your data directly from Supermetrics. More so, Dataslayer’s user interface is similar to the one for Supermetrics, only more refined.

You can download the Google Sheets add-on directly or find it in the Google Workspace marketplace.

Google Data Studio for Dataslayer is also equally powerful. You can connect to more data sources for better visualization of your data. Again, this is the cheapest alternative to Supermetrics and with great functionality. 

So, try it today and see it in action.

When to choose Dataslayer over the rest?

At the first thought of looking for an alternative, Dataslayer is your #1 Supermetrics alternative. If you want to shift from Supermetrics to another tool with the same functionality, Dataslayer should be your first option.

Also, unlike other alternatives, Dataslayer comes in handy with a powerful Supermetrics data extraction tool that will import all your data directly with just a few clicks. You won’t have to do the manual work of the import and export thing. Everything here is automated and takes just seconds!

Dataslayer Pricing

Plans for Dataslayer are very affordable compared to Supermetrics. There are no hidden costs, and both small and medium companies can enjoy the robust features with budget-friendly plans across all products, as you can see below.

Dataslayer pricing

We also have a free plan that can be ideal for a company with fewer needs for reporting. Unlike Supermetrics’s, that has only Google Analytics, our free plans have all the data sources ready.

What differentiates our free plan from the paid is just the number of API calls you can make within a day. So why not try it today?

We also have free trials for all our plans, so you are always confident for what you are getting 🙂

You can get a detailed comparison for the pricing of Dataslayer and Supermetrics here.

Porter Metrics

Porter Metrics homepage

Porter Metrics positions itself as the Zapier for data reporting. It is perfect for digital marketers who value simplicity as their top priority. Unlike many other reporting tools, Porter Metrics is the most user-friendly platform you can think of.

So, if you want to analyze your data without getting your hands thirty on some codes, then this one is your ideal tool to connect your apps to reporting tools like Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.

While the alternatives to Supermetrics here offer low code functionality, Porter metrics offer pure no code at the moment. This functionality is possible mainly because of their intuitive Drag and Drop feature for all of their user interactions.

Unlike Dataslayer and Supermetrics, Porte Metrics offers very few data sources and limited destinations, but it is still great for independent marketers and businesses who discern ambiguity.

Porter Metrics vs Dataslayer: Competitor Analysis and Review

When to choose Porter Metrics over Supermetrics?

If you need very few but quality connections, especially to popular social media apps, then you are good with Porter. It connects to over ten apps, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, TikTok, and Shopify.

Because they currently serve fewer customers, their customer support is fastest, supportive, so you will not have a hard time if you run into problems, unlike Supermetrics.

Porter Metrics Pricing

Porter metrics pricing

Porter has a unique but straightforward pricing structure which, compared to Supermetrics, is much more affordable. Unlike Supermetrics, using the number of data sources, users, and types of apps connected to make the costs of your plans, Porter Metrics charges based on the number of connections that you need.

Power My Analytics

power metrics pricing

What is Power My Analytics?

Power My Analytics is another excellent alternative to Supermetrics. They are pretty similar in functionality; However, PMA is slightly better but with fewer connections. 

Their API connection quality is sometimes faster and more efficient than Supermetrics, Porter, and others, especially on Social Media reporting. It pulls your data from over 35 sources to destinations like Google Sheets, Analytics, Data Studio, and Microsoft Excel. 

To avoid the typical API connection hiccups, PMA offers data warehousing, which is why it is faster and more stable. It is cheaper and almost similar to Supermetrics, so it’s also a perfect alternative that you can consider.

When to choose Power My Analytics over Supermetrics?

It’s great for you if your priority is stability and when you need data warehousing features.

Power My Analytics Pricing

power my analytics pricing

Power My Analytics plans offers a simple but flexible pricing system. It is almost the same with Supermetrics except for a few exceptions. Plans start from as little as $9.90, with one connector per account, to over $295, with unlimited connectors and 20 accounts each.

Each additional account is not free, and unlimited connectors mean up to the limit of the data sources they support. So, don’t celebrate too early.

The best thing about PMA is that you can start exactly where you are and pick the plan that is exactly what you want. Unlike Supermetrics, you are not boxed to a plan; here, you choose one and tailor it to your needs. You can add from 3 to 100 accounts per data source and from 1 connector to unlimited.

While the Spreadsheet add-on costs an extra $50 for each plan, Google My Business, is included across all the plans at no extra cost. homepage

What is Funnel?

Funnel is a marketing analytics software that collects data automatically from all your advertising platforms and connects it with your favorite data analysis platforms. 

The visible difference between Funnel and others is their lifelong goal to connect with all the marketing platforms available. At the moment, they offer over 500+ connections.

Another difference is that it does not just offer data extraction and transfers. Funnel also pulls the data and stores them on its servers. This functionality helps reduce the number of API calls you have to make every day to several platforms to analyze your marketing history.

The disadvantage is that managing hundreds of sources is challenging because all sources do not provide the same metrics and dimensions. Also, all reports are centralized in one dashboard, and the more you add a data source, the more it becomes harder to analyze your data.

Therefore, even though you may have a large pool of marketing platforms to pick from, you just need to select a few to make the most of their dashboard. Otherwise, everything can get very messy quickly.

Funnel Pricing pricing

Funnel offers three simple plans. Starting from $399 per month, it may not be ideal for younger marketers and agencies who do not have a lot to measure.

The Essential plan includes five users and over 230 connections. Others comprise unlimited users, custom connections, and 500+ connectors.

The Essential plan also can be fairly ideal for mid-sized agencies but not independent marketers unless their needs are more than what the others can provide. Nonetheless, Funnel has the largest list of connectors, which makes it unique.

When to choose Funnel over Supermetrics?

When you feel limited with fewer connections, Funnel is ideal for you. At some point, also, Supermetrics can become more expensive than, yet it has limited features. So, it is undeniable. Funnel has more connectors than any other Supermetrics alternatives at a fair cost.

What is homepage is another Supermetrics alternative that helps you connect all your marketing data to their platform or any other tool. Their primary focus is to measure and improve your ROI for your marketing data from different channels, campaigns, and more.

With, you can be assured that their robust ML Bayesian algorithm will do a perfect job of helping you improve your marketing. It gives personalized recommendations and insights for your marketing elements, from keyword optimization to channel-specific campaigns.

Another feature that differentiates it from the rest is that it allows tracking your TV ads performance, which is lacking in Supermetrics and its competitors.

Their major drawback is that while many of the alternatives here have better user interfaces, theirs is boring and not intuitive to most of their users.

When to choose Windsor over Supermetrics?

If your company still depends on more traditional marketing channels like TV ads, will help you track their performance and spending for these channels. Also, if your users are tech-savvy, or at least, they can get it up quickly. Pricing pricing

At first glance, seems the cheapest. However, when you take a closer look, you realize that each plan is limited.

They have five plans, and their free package allows one report, two data sources, and two destinations. While it’s much better than the others, the single report for your free plan is a significant turn-away.

The paid plans are fairly good, with unlimited reports and users and about 3-10 data source connectors.

Final thoughts on Supermetrics alternatives and competitors

Supermetrics is amazing. But countless other tools can do what it does, just not exactly. Finding these alternatives is not always a challenge—but getting the real competitors for Supermetrics and positioning according to your needs is hard.

That is why we compiled this list for you, and we hope this article helped you pick your ideal.

We position ourselves as the #1 Supermetrics alternative. While we can’t claim to replace Supermetrics completely, we are confident about our features. 

Unlike others who compromise quality for the price, we are a much cheaper alternative with better quality and speed for all your data connections.

So, today, don’t be left out. Contacta con nosotros so we can discuss more!