Use Free PPC Reporting Tool to Prepare Accurate PPC Reports

If you want to manage your PPC campaign while streamlining your process for project delivery, then it is imperative to deploy top quality PPC reporting tool. It is quite daunting for PPC managers to create PPC reports manually using Google analytics. Luckily, there is a plenty of PPC reporting tools available in the digital marketing field that help you accomplish your PPC related tasks effectively and hassle-free. These are perfect tools for those who want to ensure productivity and desired results.

If you are also running a PPC campaign and struggling to crawl to those PPC report at the end of every month, then you should read this post. You can deploy a simple, easy to use PPC management tool to ensure proper reporting for your clients. Whether you are a digital agency or an enterprise company, a PPC reporting tool will help you automate your business.

Following are the benefits of using a reliable PPC reporting tool:

  • PPC Optimization: When you use a reliable alternative to super metrics, it becomes easy to optimize your PPC marketing efforts and ensure efficient results without spending a lot of money and time.
  • Simple Reporting: PPC reporting has a significant role in optimizing your PPC marketing tactics. With a free PPC reporting tool, you can run a customized PPC report in few clicks that help you find your leads and convert them into your potential customers.
  • Unmatched User Experience: It is easy to generate an engaging and detailed PDF report to manage your PPC campaigns. Unlike flat reports, you can add custom charts that help you see clear insights shortly.
  • Automate PPC Reports: Using the PPC reporting tool is the key to improve your performance of your brand while providing you with actionable insights. You can monitor your PPC campaign and create reports directly from your inbox and share the results.
  • Track PPC Metrics: Using the PPC reporting tool is the simplest and easiest way to measure and analyze your PPC metrics. It is easy to avoid your vanity metrics that save you money and help you increase your ROI.

Now, if you are looking for a herramienta gratuita de informes PPC automaticos having many useful features, then you can consider using Dataslayer. It is the most popular online PPC reporting tool to track PPC marketing metrics and share data from the Google sheets. You can update reports from Adwords, analytics, Criteo, Microsoft advertising, FB, and even DCM. This tool is supermetrics alternative and designed for dedicated PPC experts. This tool allows you to combine your data sources and prepare accurate PPC reports with all the customization.

About Dataslayer: Dataslayer is the free and reliable alternativa a Supermetrics. You can use it as a simple and secure tool to create proper, accurate, and custom PPC reports and update them in the Google sheets automatically.

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