Cómo crear nuevas credenciales para Criteo

Para crear sus nuevas credenciales de Criteo para usarlas en Dataslayer solo tienes que seguir estos pasos:

  1. Ve a https://account.criteo.com/ and log into your account.
  2. Click the “Developer Portal” card.
  3. At the top-right, click on “Create a new app”.
  4. Write a Name and Description for your app.
  5. Click “Create App”.
  6. Scroll down to the “Service” section. Make sure that “Marketing solutions” is selected and click “Save”.
  7. Scroll down again to the “Authorization section”. Set every option to “Read”. Click “Save”.
  8. Scroll back up to the “App credentials” section. Click “Create new key”.
  9. This will generate a new text file that the browser will download. Please open this to get your client_id and client_secret values that will be required to log into Dataslayer.
    Don’t use them until you have finished all these steps.
  10. Scroll back up again to the top of the page and click “Activate app”.
  11. Click “Activate” to confirm and finish the app setup process. Next you will need to generate consent URLs.
  12. In the top-right corner you should now see the button to “Generate new URL”.
  13. Click the Generate new URL button. This will generate a single-use consent URL for your advertiser to approve.
  14. Please copy and send that URL to the person who manages the Advertiser you wish to report on. They will need to click on that link and follow the instructions. Note that the URL is single-use. It will expire once clicked.
  15. Once the Advertisers have completed the consent form from the URL, you should now be ready to log into the Dataslayer Criteo data source with the previous client_id and client_secret (steps 10-11).