Five Best Marketing Strategies For Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday is here, and many companies are looking to run effective marketing strategies to boost their online sales. Trying these marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one way to attract many people who plan to shop during these seasons.

According to Finder Black Friday statistics, an estimated 140 million Americans plan to shop during pre-holiday sales this year. Also, Black Friday online sales have grown from $1.93 billion in 2013 to $8.9 billion in 2021, with no signs of slowing down. 

So, there is a huge opportunity to promote your business, acquire new customers, and boost your sales this season. But what are the marketing strategies that you can try? Let’s check out.

Five Black Friday Marketing Strategies To Try This Year

Here are our top five Black Friday Marketing Strategies. So, let’s dive right in!

Infuse urgency into your campaigns

Our first Black Friday marketing strategy, which has been the most popular, is to create a sense of urgency in your marketing campaigns. Yet, encouraging prospective customers to buy immediately for a season’s campaign can easily be overlooked. That is because some believe that seasonal campaigns have short timelines and should already create urgency.

However, developing urgency within a season means customers will be more likely to act on your campaigns amidst the noise of other promotions. Marketing strategies that infuse a sense of urgency will help you stand out and encourage more customers to buy your products.

Urgency is a great marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday because it has a lot of benefits. It helps your audience make immediate decisions, increases your product’s perceived value, grows desire, and makes purchasing easier for your customers.

But how can you infuse urgency into your marketing?

One way you can give customers a feeling that they should buy now or sooner is to add a time limit for your Black Friday offers. Ensure you choose words that drive urgency and create scarcity. Send notifications and run campaigns that remind customers to make purchases on new deals while they are still available.

In any way, be honest, remove distractions, and communicate the details to ensure customers will make informed purchasing decisions.

Craft irresistible offers and provide exclusive deals to customers

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many customers often receive thousands of promotional messages. And to stand out amidst the noise, it’s crucial to craft irresistible offers that customers can’t help but buy. 

Ask yourself what offers or deals will most likely make more people buy your products. What can’t they miss on this BFCM season?

For example, you can offer a product with a deeper discount that customers will find a great bargain. And as more customers visit your store to take up your deal, there’s a chance they’ll purchase more items in your store.

That is, the more your deals attract more customers, the more chances you have at hiking up the sales of other items.

To craft an effective offer strategy, try the following techniques to ensure you motivate customers to place orders:

  1. Provide limited-time offers and discounts to urge customers to buy now.
  2. Offer personalized product suggestions to make it easier for users to find what they need.
  3. Use push notifications and chatbots to nudge customers to complete their orders.
  4. Add banners and hero images on your website or social media channels
  5. Offer Buy-Now, Pay Later services to increase conversions

Also, give gifts for purchases and minimum spend rewards to your customers. Many people will stay loyal to your brand when you show that you care about them, even with smaller gifts.

Customers are more likely to become your year-long customers and brand ambassadors when you appreciate their choice to do business with you.

Leverage chatbots to provide quick support

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will most probably cause a surge in your web traffic. And while it is a good metric, ensuring customer support efficiency is key. Different customers on your site will need information about products, orders, shipping, returns, etc., and you should help them quickly.

So, how can you streamline and automate your customer support? Surely, a chatbot can be the best option. Chatbots allow you to answer your users’ inquiries faster and remove the repetitive work that could take time.

Chatbots also provide more benefits beyond efficient customer support. You can build them to automate your other repetitive tasks, providing customers with the necessary information. They can make it easier for customers to buy, perform returns, and share their experiences.

Focus on reducing cart abandoned rates

Cart abandonment will most probably be your constant source of frustration during and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

According to SaleCycle, 79.88% of customers on 2021 Black Friday added items to their carts but never made their purchases. And to lose over 75% of customers who expressed a clear interest in your products is not a thing you would like to happen.

So, how can you reduce cart abandonment rates and encourage users who’ve come to your site to complete their orders?

The first step to reducing cart abandonment rates is to show clear calls to action. After users find what they want, provide clear CTAs and links to relevant pages.

Make your cart visible and offer users the clarity they need to proceed. Aim to reduce unnecessary processes and provide several checkout options to ensure customers have the best shopping experiences.

Also, set up automated notifications to convince customers with abandoned carts to complete their purchases. Create compelling messaging that will encourage them to take the next steps.

More importantly, ensure that the follow-ups are not too pushy, or you risk losing a customer forever.

Monitor and optimize your marketing strategies for Black Friday

Track and optimize the performance of your marketing strategies

Tracking your marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday will help you optimize their performance. For example, analyzing your customer’s behavior on your site will help you spot weaknesses that could hinder more sales.

And there’s a lot that you can learn from your marketing data. You can test your user’s experience on your site, follow different campaigns on social media, and access your checkout experiences to learn what to improve upon in your marketing strategies for BFCM.

More so, countless marketing analytics tools provide user-tracking data from your marketing channels. If you need one powerful tool to help you gather detailed marketing data during BFCM and from over 45 data sources, try Dataslayer

Also, consider taking your data to data visualization platforms to spot trends quickly and for faster decision-making. You can use Dataslayer para Google Data Studio (Looker Studio) to gather your marketing data from different data sources.

Turn Black Friday one-time buyers into life-long customers

Getting higher retention rates for seasonal customers will ensure more success and growth for your company. Nurturing and maintaining good relationships with new customers during this pre-holiday sales season will increase customer retention.

You need to engage new customers on your social media pages, share interesting post-sale letters, and schedule retargeting campaigns to bring them back for more businesses.

New customers may not know anything about your brand. So, start by sharing your story to introduce them to your business. Include a series of engaging welcome emails and thank-you letters to ensure that you help them understand the perks of remaining loyal to your brand.

Another great strategy to turn one-time seasonal customers into loyal customers is to give them more discounts to encourage recurring orders. If you provide more deals on products that your customers are more likely to order again, they will see value in doing more business with you.

And if you’re retargeting, ensure you craft compelling ad copies to entice your holiday customers to buy from you again. You can show them your latest and personalized products that make them return.

Another effective way to make seasonal buyers return is to offer customer loyalty programs to appreciate them. In one report, 64% of customers spend more on companies that offer loyalty programs.

Wrapping up on our marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Good preparation is often the key to successful marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This article should cover most of what you need for this year’s pre-holiday sales season for you to win it.

Create irresistible offers for your customers and prospects. Infuse urgency into your campaigns and provide quick support with chatbots. More importantly, monitor and optimize performance with Dataslayer to track and improve your marketing strategies. 

Also, don’t forget to turn new shoppers into life-long customers! That way, you will gain loyal customers and more revenue to grow your business. In any way, stay ambitious, be proactive, and set realistic goals as you double your efforts on this BFCM.