How to Ensure Effective Reporting With the Free PPC Reporting Tool?

Managing PPC reporting effectively often includes some trade-offs between money and time. Creating a perfect PPC report requires a lot of time that could have invested in improving the performance of the PPC campaign. Repeatable and instant reports can be generated by a PPC reporting tool available in the market such as supermetrics but that can cost you money. Well, there is a free PPC reporting tool available which is also known as the best alternative to supermetrics due to custom features.

Dataslayer is one of such popular Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics which offers custom reporting and streamlines the tasks associated with PPC reporting. For many PPC managers evaluating their PPC reporting tool options, scalability, easy accessibility, and price are commonly the first criteria that are important to consider. And there are many other factors to be considered, there are two more popular that need more attention to ensure effective reporting.

  1. Is this PPC reporting tool will make your PPC reporting better?
  2. Will this tool be able to increase your PPC sales?

The best PPC reporting tool helps PPC managers get data-driven insights to build, execute, and maintain the paid marketing tactics of the clients. This needs more than just ease to use, scalability, and straight PPC reporting.  It requires data transformation and data enrichment- the important features that are often overlooked while choosing PPC reporting tools.

Having PPC reporting tools that enhance your PPC marketing efforts ties with sales while allowing users to show the value to clients or stakeholders to justify the PPC budget and keep the SOWs ongoing while managing the new accounts. In this blog, you will get to know the types of services that can be leveraged by PPC reporting tools which include extract/transform/load tools, business intelligence tools, and straight reporting tools.

Dataslayer offers a engaging and detailed PPC reporting and analytics to gain insight into the PPC marketing campaigns that can be graphed, extrapolated, and presented to your clients. This PPC reporting tool solves the issues by automatically pulling the data from various platforms into the dashboard. It pulls data from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and related marketing platforms.

Whether you are managing PPC campaigns for clients for the last couple of years or recently started working on PPC reporting, using a Herramienta de informes PPC will meet all your requirements. With the help of Dataslayer, you can easily send weekly, monthly or yearly reports to your clients without any hassle. You can add key metrics such as click-through rate, impressions, conversions, clicks, cost per conversion, average CPC, and a lot more.

It becomes quite easy to update data in the Google sheets from various data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ad words, Bing ads, and so on.

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