Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn is the second most popular platform among B2B marketers, topping the first position as the most trusted social network in the U.S., and beyond. It has a multitude of tools you can use to further your business growth, and the perfect example is the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. 

It has grown so big, yet it keeps growing. Currently, LinkedIn has over 800 million users in over 200 countries. Because it has become one of the most trusted social and professional platforms, businesses can now use it to gain reliable leads from anywhere around the world.

In this article, we will learn more about these LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms and how you can use them to step up your marketing strategy.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

What are the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

A Lead Gen Form is one of LinkedIn’s best lead generation tools that allow advertisers to collect users’ information directly from their sponsored content campaigns on LinkedIn. It saves users time and reduces form entry barriers, leading to more conversions and lower costs of acquisition.

It won’t cost you extra if you decide to use the forms in your campaigns. However, they can significantly affect the success of your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. In fact, users naturally find this feature to be the easiest to use, as all they have to do is click a button to submit the required information. 

When users get an ad with Lead Gen Form on their feed, the form is automatically pre-filled with the user’s info. So, all they have to do is confirm their details and hit the submit button! It’s that simple, and it’s the main reason why 89% of B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads.

Once your leads submit their info, they’ll be greeted with a custom thank-you page. You can include whatever you want, like a link to where you want to send users for other offers and content. The thank-you page may require some effort to set it up, but it is worth it.

Now, let’s look at how you can create a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form.

How do you create and use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

Getting started with Lead Gen Forms requires a promoted content ad, which is the format that supports the feature on LinkedIn. You can create new Lead Gen Forms for new campaigns, or you can attach them to your existing campaigns.

During the campaign creation flow, you were prompted to decide on your goals; whether you wanted to increase traffic or generate more leads from your ads. If you selected the second option, then it is possible for you to attach new Lead Gen Forms to your existing campaigns.

Creating new Lead Gen Forms is simple, and here is the process:

  1. Access your Campaign Manager from your LinkedIn profile, and you can switch accounts if necessary.
  2. Next, click the Account Assets dropdown menu.
  3. Finally, select Lead Gen Forms, and click Create form.

After that, create your form template from the default format or build one from scratch. Next, select up to seven fields for all the details you want LinkedIn to collect from the users’ accounts. 

How to use LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Note: Be considerate about what data users will share with you because these forms will only remove the pain of typing out their details and not the reluctance to share personal details.

After selecting the form fields, complete all the other sections you need for your form. You may include a valid link to your privacy policy page if you need to reassure users about their data. Then, click Create.

Lastly, include a custom thank-you message that users will see after submitting their info. You can include links to your website, offers, or discounts, whatever you find reasonable.

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The reason why you should use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn ads cost money. To get a better value for your money, you should do everything possible to keep increase conversion rates while keeping the costs lower. Thankfully, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are the exact features that can boost your lead generation strategy. Here are the five reasons why you should use them today:

Lead Gen Forms are versatile for flexibility

Creating sponsored campaigns with Lead Gen Forms will not limit you to a single goal or aim. With Lead Gen Forms, you can easily create campaigns with different goals and actions to serve your varied marketing needs. 

Typically, you can use them to achieve your standard goals of a landing page, like enticing leads to sign up for your events, email lists, webinars, and more. Not just that, but you can also use them to allow users who’ve submitted their info to access gated content, get discounts, or join the elites.

But how? You ask.

First, you can use the content ad copy to promote other products and services even before users decide to share their data with you. Also, when users submit their info, they will automatically get a custom thank-you message, which you can use for any purpose you can creatively think about. You can use this page to include content download links, offers, and other promotions.

Another way Lead Gen Forms gives more flexibility is that they can be used elsewhere, not just on LinkedIn’s feed. For example, you can embed them into LinkedIn Message Ads (InMail Ads), which have been reported to have the highest open rates. That way, you set yourself up for success right from the start.

Minimize friction to increase conversion rates

One of the biggest advantages of Lead Gen Forms is that it allows you to eliminate the needless steps in your lead generation strategy. Sending a user to a landing page outside LinkedIn could lead to more processes that can make it harder for potential customers to follow.

There are three reasons that make them helpful for increasing conversions: 

  1. No redirects to third-party sites after the form submission. 
  2. Users enjoy seamless experiences because of uninterrupted feed flow.
  3. The pre-fill functionality allows users to share their information without any effort.

As you can see, you can easily ask for more information from your leads without killing your conversions. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms will more likely help you convert more leads from the platform, as LinkedIn make it easier for users to submit their data to you.

Benefit from LinkedIn’s automatic mobile optimization

When you use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for your lead generations, you automatically improve mobile users’ experiences. But first, why should you mind optimizing your campaigns on mobile?

A recent LinkedIn report shows that user engagement with LinkedIn Sponsored content happens 80% on mobile. That’s a lot, but what should that mean to you? Prioritizing user experience on mobile devices for your LinkedIn campaigns is not an exception! And thankfully, Lead Gen Forms is optimized and an ideal feature to help you succeed.

Another aspect of optimization is that you can convert users with just two clicks with the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Meaning, users on mobile devices will enjoy the convenience of not spending their precious time filling out their details on your forms. Therefore, this feature will probably become the most beneficial for your potential customers using mobile devices.

Easy integration with other tools and technologies

Another reason you should use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is that you can integrate with a wide variety of other marketing tools to complement your lead generation efforts. You can connect it with Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, etc., to automate your marketing processes and simplify your strategies to grow your leads with minimal effort along the way. 

Integration with CRM tools will make your lead generation efforts even more breezy. Connecting your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms directly to your favorite CRM, be it Zoho, HubSpot, or many others, allows you to generate, track, and sync your leads easily on LinkedIn to these tools to meet your daily marketing needs.

Additionally, sponsored content on LinkedIn offers opportunities to measure, track, and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. If you want to learn how your Leads-Gen Forms are performing, you can look at the key metrics, like cost per lead, form fill rates, and conversion rates, from your Campaign manager.

Achieve a better ROI for your lead generation efforts

The most essential metric that every marketer should track is the conversion rate. Therefore, a tool or platform that can help you drive more leads for each dollar that you spend on your campaigns is paving the way for your success. And LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is the exact definition of such a tool.

Not to forget that you can use LinkedIn’s advanced targeting to qualify your leads even before you spend your first dollar, which means you have little margin for failure. Remember, also, that in-depth analytics can help you refine your marketing strategies for even better performance. Therefore, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are the ideal solutions to consider for your lead generation.

Lead Gen Forms will let you take advantage of a new market, tapping on the endless pool of leads, and leverage the power of mobile optimization to help your prospects submit their info with ease.

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Target highly qualified business professionals

LinkedIn boasts of having the best targeting features for its paid advertising campaigns. And because Lead Gen Forms uses the regular advertising campaign features on LinkedIn, targeting precision is next to perfect.

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn users share their actual job titles. More so, they are most probably much more updated on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Twitter. That means, beyond the different demographic markers, targeting your campaigns to specific business professionals on the platform is unlikely to go amiss.

For example, if you are targeting users who are Chief Executives Officers (CEOs), the odds of accurately targeting the real business professionals with this title on Facebook are less likely to match those on LinkedIn.

Making the most out of LinkedIn Gen Forms: The takeaways

Regardless of what campaign you’re running on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms should become a part of your lead generation strategy. It will positively impact your ROI, give you more flexibility, and increase your conversion rates.

Not all campaigns are set for success right from the beginning, though. So, it’s your efforts right from the start, to plan, run, and keep optimizing to guarantee your success with PPC campaigns. So, measure and keep measuring to find areas for improvement, and optimize.  

More importantly, whatever marketing campaign you’re running, you can use Dataslayer to track your campaign’s performance on LinkedIn.

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