7 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns in 2022

In this article, we will discuss the 7 powerful ways to optimize your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns. We will also cover why optimization is extremely important for LinkedIn as opposed to other marketing channels.

LinkedIn Ads Optimization

With an average CTR up to 65% and a cost per click that averages $5.58, advertising on LinkedIn demands more seriousness and attention. It’s the most expensive media platform, but one that’s worth your investment when you do it right.

Because LinkedIn has the most hyper-specific targeting system, it can surely be much more profitable for you in the long run. 

LinkedIn lets you target key decision makers — not just audiences by their ages or location. With LinkedIn, you don’t just target audience demographics, but also their job titles, roles, or companies. 

In a Content Marketing Institute LinkedIn survey, 75% of B2B marketers indicated that they use LinkedIn Ads, while 69% use Facebook and only 30% use Twitter. In another study, 79% of marketers say that LinkedIn ads produce the best results. And finally, over 40% say it is the most effective channel for driving quality leads.

So LinkedIn must surely be great, but what if you are not getting good results from your ads? And how can you make the most out of this platform for your ads?

This article will answer those questions for you today, so stay tuned. We will dive into the seven actionable steps to optimize your LinkedIn ads for you to get the highest return on your investment.

So, let’s start right away!

What is LinkedIn ad optimization?

LinkedIn Ad optimization is the act of positioning and creating relevant ads for your users or the viewers of your ads, while perfecting their performance using the data collected through testing strategies like A/B testing.

Why is it essential to optimize your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns?

Despite being one of the best social media platforms for advertisement, LinkedIn is more costly for marketing. The average global costs of LinkedIn Ads in 2022 are: 

  • Cost per click (CPC): $5.26
  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM): $6.59
  • The Cost per message sent (CPS): $0.80

Nevertheless, with a good optimization of these Ads can help you achieve better your campaign goals. You can ensure that your campaigns get to each distinguised public to influence their impressions of your products or services.

Every business activity is goal-oriented, which is why you choose LinkedIn Ads over other social media to market your brand. Without Ad optimization, your marketing goals, such as brand awareness, target market, and generation of more sales, may not become a reality. To optimize your LinkedIn Ads campaigns is to keep you relevant to the set goals, hence saving you from distraction.

LinkedIn Ads optimization involves analyzing your audience or target customers and the goal of the type of marketing campaign. Doing that makes it easy to take relevant measures to make the marketing effective.

Because LinkedIn is an expensive social media platform to advertise in, the performance of your ads must always be under the microscope.

So, while you should optimize your LinkedIn Ads on any kind of your campaigns to be more cheaper, you must also ensure that you are getting the most value out of your ad spend and not just overdoing it.

Because LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business to a professional audience, most B2B marketers prefer it over other platforms. The percentage of B2B marketers who prefer LinkedIn advertising is 80%, making it difficult for you to stand out from such a massive number without optimizing your Ads.

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns For Maximum Performance

Know your ideal targets and get specific on your objectives

What type of marketing campaign are you doing, and what is your audience? After knowing what audience you are targeting, the next step is to do thorough customer research to understand them. It is not possible to have an effective campaign without knowing the ins and outs of your audience. 

The audience comprises people with different likes and dislikes. Understanding your audience makes it possible for you to be specific to your objectives in a manner appealing to them. You should approach your audience according to their characteristics and the type of promotion you are doing. This point is essential because taking appropriate steps can help you focus on your objectives and outline how to achieve them.

Create compelling ads for maximum effectiveness

Make your ads overwhelming to your viewers to make them irresistible to view your products online. Having compelling Ads involves three steps;

  • Relevance
  • Use of Strong Calls To Action (CTA) in your Ads
  • Testing the ads before launch

Your Ad should be on-topic and relevant to the page it is displayed. It must also be appropriately written without errors because some people quickly lose trust when they see small mistakes.

Strong Calls To Action are the buttons used on ads to urge viewers to take action. Examples of CTAs you might have seen are; “sign up today” and “buy now” CTAs should be short and easy to understand.

You should always test your ads before launching them and making them live. The reason for trying here is the obvious one — to ensure that your ads look and function according to your specifications and needs.

Use target groups to reach qualified prospects

One of the good features of LinkedIn is that it allows the users to reveal their skills, interests, and expertise. It is easier for you to target specific groups most likely to be interested in your product. This technique is powerful and shows how LinkedIn is capable of Ad targeting. You only need to ensure that your target groups have a large enough membership to have a meaningful reach.

Use different campaigns for different geographical locations. All groups targeted on LinkedIn are from other geographical areas and usually have different lifestyles, experiences, and interests. Due to these differences, it is advisable to perform the campaigns according to the geographical location of the target.

Try the audience expansion tool to expand your reach

LinkedIn Audience expansion tool is a targeting feature in LinkedIn. This feature uses the profile information of LinkedIn users to categorize them into groups with similar characteristics. By using this feature, you can easily reach a target audience by selecting the right group of users.

Monitor your performance and adjust accordingly

Monitoring your performance may enable you to know the effectiveness of the ad and adjust to meet the unmet goals. The online marketing campaign requires you to put a lot of tools into it; hence, you must be able to tell whether it is working or not. These tips can help you monitor and adjust your campaign:

  • Monitor your search engine rankings: Your rankings should not drop. Search engine rankings can drop due to algorithm changes and negative publicity.
  • Always check your social media activities to see whether people are talking about your product. If they are not, consider adjusting your ads and the target audience.
  • Using analytic tools, track all website visitors and conversations to get an idea of what amount of effort is needed. Get a tool like Dataslayer that centralizes all your marketing data in one place for you to do a deeper analysis.

Stay consistent and be specific in your offers

Consistency creates a positive impression on the viewers of your product. The kind of consistency we are talking about here is the LinkedIn Ad and the landing page of your website. There should also be an element of messaging on your ads and websites.

For example, if someone clicks on an advert for a free offer, the ad should direct them to the webpage that promotes the free offer and gives those details on what to do to claim the offer.

Consistency will make more viewers easily understand and trust your ads. It is not correct for ads to have landing pages on your website that contain different information or products apart from those on the ad.

Use a third-party tool for better monitoring and optimization

Hoping between your website analytics on Google Analytics and LinkedIn Insights can be quite confusing and awkward. Worst still, if you are running multiple campaigns from different marketing channels is challenging.

Thankfully, tools like Dataslayer are here to help you. And to sum it up, we hope you enjoyed this read, and you now know how to optimize your LinkedIn ads campaigns.