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Welcome to, where data analytics and reporting reach new heights. Our latest integration with Power BI is not just about visualizing data; it’s about transforming it into a powerhouse of insights, aided by our extensive range of over 40 connectors.

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Dataslayer for Power BI
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Data Automation and Efficiency

Dataslayer automates the collection and transfer of data from multiple marketing and sales platforms directly into Power BI. This automation saves significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error and increasing data accuracy.

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Comprehensive Data Integration

With Dataslayer, users gain access to a wide array of data sources, including digital advertising, social media, SEO, and more. This comprehensive integration allows for a holistic view of marketing performance across different channels, enabling deeper analysis and insights.

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Enhanced Decision-Making

By enabling real-time data updates and customizable dashboards within Power BI, Dataslayer facilitates timely and informed decision-making. Stakeholders can quickly access and interpret relevant data, making it easier to identify trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and allocate resources more effectively.





Looking to integrate Dataslayer with Power BI?

Your support can bring Dataslayer directly into Power BI! Cast your vote for our integration on the Microsoft Power BI ideas page. Your input will drive us to develop a solution perfectly suited to meet your demands.



Create Queries from Any Data Source

Begin by crafting queries in Dataslayer to pull data from your chosen marketing platforms or data sources. This step involves selecting the specific metrics and dimensions you need for your analysis, ensuring that you gather all the relevant data for your Power BI reports.

how it works dataslayer
how it works dataslayer

Connect with the Dataslayer Connector in Power BI

Use the Dataslayer connector within Power BI to establish a seamless connection between Dataslayer and Power BI. This involves authenticating your account and setting up the data import process, allowing for a direct flow of data into Power BI.

Visualize Your Data from Different Queries in Power BI

Once your data is imported into the Dataslayer Power BI connector, Power BI allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze data from various queries in one place. You can create comprehensive dashboards and reports that combine data from multiple sources, offering a unified view of your marketing performance.

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