Dataslayer is committed to the security of the data you process with us. To that end, we have built our systems from the ground up based on best practices in security and data protection.

Information security
  1. We only store user data for caching in order to optimise times as much as possible. This data is stored for an average of 1 hour and at most 1 day for older data
  2. The data we have to cache is always encrypted. The data we handle in the different processes before displaying it to the user is also encrypted when it travels between the systems of the different technologies we use
  3. All our connections from our different applications use standard cryptographic protocols (TLS)
Infrastructure security
  1. We have daily backups in case of any inconvenience beyond our control in the database where we store the Dataslayer information (user records, query statistics, etc…)
  2. We use both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for our services, with the security that this guarantees, as both organisations comply with the regulations required by the most important certifications in the world.
Permissions management
  1. All permissions requested to access both our connectors and data sources use the OAuth2 protocol. This protocol consists of the use of temporary tokens (called access tokens) that have the permissions previously accepted by the user. In other words, if only the permission to read campaigns is required to access the Google Ads connector, the user will only have to accept this permission and can only carry out this action with this token
  2. In the case of connectors that do not allow OAuth2, we encrypt all sensitive information to provide the highest possible security (this happens with connectors such as database, for example)
  1. Dataslayer is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification for information security management systems.

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