Why PPC Reporting Tool is Important for PPC Management?

When it comes to managing the PPC campaign, every manager struggles to deal with the dreaded end of the month. Many PPC managers find it quite frustrating and time-consuming to create their own custom reports. Well, if you are looking for an easy way for PPC management while ensuring proper PPC reporting. Thankfully, there are plenty of PPC reporting tools are available that help you create PPC reports without spending much time and effort. With the help of automated PPC reporting tools, you can streamline the process and attain perfect results every time.

If you are a PPC manager who wants to reduce time by automating PPC reporting instead of manual creating at the end of every month, then this blog is for you. You can find the best Herramienta de informes PPC which is useful for both enterprise companies and agencies that are looking to makes their business processes automated. Using reliable PPC reporting tools will not only save you time but with built-in reports, you will also be able to offer a great ROI.

You might be familiar with supermetrics that help you add custom relevant metrics to your reports. But if you are looking for a Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics having many other additional features and support customized branding, and then you can use Dataslayer.

Dataslayer is one of the most reliable PPC reporting tools which is easy to access and designed with PPC managers in the mind.  This tool allows you to combine various data sources such as Bing Ads and Facebook Insights to create proper and accurate PPC reports for your valuable clients. With Dataslayer, you can easily monitor key performance indicators and customize data points depending on the business and goals of the clients. These detailed PPC reports can then be scheduled automatically to run every day, week, or month to save time. The tool can combine various sources and accounts in the same PPC report.

With all these features and convenience, Dataslayer helps you save a lot of time from creating excel reports. You can create all types of digital marketing dashboards, search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, or other types of data. Dataslayer helps you gather all types of data in one place and start analyzing it with a few clicks.

Dataslayer is a herramienta gratuita de informes PPC automaticos that fetches data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, Google search console, Google DV 360, Microsoft Advertising, DCM, and Criteo. The tool strictly follows the privacy & security approval process, thus it is completely safe as it doesn’t have any access to view or store information in your sheets. You can also get benefit from Dataslayer’s Enterprise plan in which you get exclusive support from their reporting experts.

 So what are you waiting for? Just use Dataslayer for PPC management and enjoy great business results.

For more details, you can visit dataslayer.ai

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