Create Detailed and Engaging PPC Reports with Dataslayer

Creating and managing PPC reports effectively is one of the most daunting tasks for PPC managers. It involves manual efforts that limit them to focus more on other tasks that impact the performance of the PPC campaign you are running. Well, there are so many PPC reporting tools available online, you can use them to generate instant and detailed reports in a short span of time. If you are also running PPC campaigns and looking for a free PPC reporting tool that is an alternative to supermetrics, then you can use Dataslayer chrome.

Dataslayer is the most trusted and reliable alternative to supermetrics which offers easy ways to create custom and detailed reports while streamlining other PPC tasks. If you are using other Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics but not satisfied with the features, Dataslayer will meet all your expectations in terms of easy accessibility, scalability, price, and other features. Well, there are many other factors that you should keep in mind such as reliability and leads generation. You should make sure that the PPC reporting you are using can make your PPC reporting better and helpful in generating leads and client retention.

Using PPC reporting tools like Dataslayer helps PPC experts to build and execute paid advertising tactics for the campaigns. It helps PPC exerts to get benefit from the data enrichment and transformation that are commonly overlooked while using PPC reporting tools. One of the best things about the PPC reporting tool is that it can enhance your PPC marketing efforts and allow users to justify the PPC budget for the clients and manage new accounts smoothly. 

With the help of Dataslayer, you can easily create detailed and insightful PPC reports and send them to your clients on weekly, monthly, or even annually. It can help to get rid of the issue of pulling the data manually from various data sources into Google sheets. The drag and drop functionality and automation allow users to do it without any issue. All the key metrics and indicators can be added in the reports with all the statistics such as clicks, click-through rate, CPC, impressions, conversions, and so on.

It becomes very easy to update the data in the Google sheet to create reports from various sources and data. Whether it is Bing, Facebook, Google ads, or Google analytics, you can create and schedule reports in just a few clicks.

Regardless of the business, you need to create PPC reports for; Data slayer makes it all simple to build reports that give a complete and comprehensive review of the campaign performance you are handling for your client. The reports do not just reflect the numbers but also give a demonstration about how much growth the company has achieved, the last week or month.

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