Dataslayer: Best Supermetrics Alternative That is Affordable & Cheaper

Supermetrics has made it quite easy to report on PPC marketing campaigns for your clients. If you are a big agency, you may find supermetrics budget-friendly but if you run a startup or a small scale digital marketing agency, you should opt for a Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics. If you are running a campaign for an individual user or managing multiple campaigns, you have to pay for a lot of features. Fortunately, you can easily create PPC reports while paying a little fraction of the cost.

Before knowing the features of another alternative to supermetrics, know what is supermetrics and what are the features of supermetrics.

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is one of the leading PPC reporting tools that convert your spreadsheets into a reliable business reporting system for social media, web analytics, and online marketing. Supermetrics also offers a product line for Google Data to an Excel sheet that can be used for PPC reporting. 

What are the features of Supermetrics?

Supermetrics helps you deal with various PPC tasks in a hassle-free manner. You can do the following things-

  • Set PPC reports while scheduling automation
  • Integrate Google sheets with various data sources
  • Schedule automatic emailing as Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV.

There are many more features that make supermetrics an outstanding tool for managing time-consuming tasks. Supemetrics is a widely used Google add-on that makes it easily accessible. If you are exporting your Excel sheets manually from any software and adding the data into the Google sheets, then now you can switch to Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics and automate that process with the API of the software platform.

Supermetrics can be amazing, but if you want to save a little money while accomplishing PPC tasks, then you can use Dataslayer. It is a free PPC reporting tool that gives your business the potential to get tremendous growth faster while improving the productivity of the team. Whether you are a startup, seasoned digital marketer, or a freelancer, using a PPC reporting tool like Dataslayer will make your PPC reporting process easier and effective.

In Dataslayer, the data is fetched from Facebook, Google ads, Google DV360, Google analytics, Criteo, Microsoft advertising, DCM, and Google Search Console. They work with the new APIs and allow you to create all types of digital marketing dashboards for paid ads, search engine marking, social media marketing, or any kind of data. This PPC reporting tool helps you gather all the data in one place and analyze it with just a single click.

Thus if you are looking for the best and reliable Herramienta de informes PPC for free of cost, then it is the time you should start using Dataslayer. It does not only make your PPC reporting efficient but also helps you to focus on the prior tasks that are important for your business.