How to Create Insightful PPC Reports in Easy Steps?

Your PPC reports show the results of your PPC campaigns to your internal and external clients. However, most marketers don’t know what they should involve in their reports and how much information they should include in their reports. So, how to create insightful PPC reports in easy steps?

Consider Campaign Objectives: You PPC or Google ads reports should fulfill all the client’s goals and requirements. For instance, if a company wants to increase its brand awareness, and then make sure your report focuses on reach and impressions. While, if you are managing a PPC campaign for the university, then enrollment lead will be important to increase admissions. Understanding the key objectives is the initial step to create insightful PPC reports. You should put context around the data that you added in the report along with the conversion numbers to make it fully understandable.

Add Context To The Report: Your clients may have their own stakeholders and for them, they may need complete data to justify their spending on PPC. Instead of putting random numbers in the report, you should include the following information and data in an organized manner-

  • Current data and stats and how these stats can be compared to previous months or even the years.
  • Involve key metrics such as click-through rate, impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  • Reasons for the decrease and increase
  • Your next efforts to improve those period’s numbers and what your client can expect
  • How this PPC report can affect the long term goals of your client.

Choose An Appropriate Time Frame: 

Many PPC marketers need to submit their report usually on weekly, months, or yearly time frames. It is important to figure out what reporting time frame makes the most sense to your clients and overall PPC campaigns. Reports that have larger time frames must have in-depth information. Your reports must include, month-over-month success data, monthly trends that affect the success of the PPC campaign. A wrap-up report includes overall metrics, overall campaign success/failure, best keywords/performing ads, etc.

Automate your PPC Reports: Automating PPC reports save you a lot of time. For agencies, it can reduce the amount of time you devote per month to reporting and help you allocate budget to high priority requirements. Well, you can create automated reports through a herramienta gratuita de informes PPC automaticos that may fulfill all your needs. 

About Dataslayer: Dataslayer is the best alternative to supermetrics which helps to manage PPC campaigns without any hassle. You can easily create insightful PPC reports with this Alternativa gratuita a Supermetrics and update them to Google sheets from Bing ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many other data sources.

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