Dataslayer was built by Softpoint Consultores, a software development company located in Madrid, Spain that has specialised in Internet solutions for more than 15 years across more than 10 countries and in five languages.


As a team of developers, we are constantly looking for ideas that fill market gaps and solve problems for marketing professionals. Our most successful tools started by providing time saving solutions for our clients – Dataslayer is no different. Dataslayer provides cost effective reporting by automating the collection and updating of data tables in GSheets. Our most typical customer is a digital marketer who wants to eliminate manual exports, uploads and formatting of data. With Dataslayer, that manual time suck is gone, enabling the marketer to focus on finding and reporting the insights that the data holds.

At Softpoint, we focus on solving marketing problems with software innovation, two examples of great products are: AdSync360 (which links the offline and online worlds. When a real world event takes place, for example a sports event, or TV advert, Adsync can launch digital advertisements, capitalising on the real world event, providing synchronisation and increasing effectiveness of the campaign) and NextBrain.ai (that democratizes Machine Learning as a no-code platform)

We have been granted the prestigious seal Innovative SME from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Spain. Few companies in Spain have this exclusive seal and is the best proof of one of the things we do best: always search and apply the most innovative solutions to our customer’s needs.



Juan de Portugal

Antonio Caminiti

Fernando Perez
Senior Developer Lead

Marinela Martinez

Iván Mata
Project Manager

Adela Delso
Marketing Manager

Julia Moreno

Juliana Cintra

Enrique Campos
Senior Developer

Alberto Martín
Senior Developer

Fran Saavedra
Senior Developer

Antonio Barral
Senior Developer

Alejandro Borbolla
Backend Developer

Jorge Martínez Ventura
Backend Developer

Lucio Antonio Aranda Trujillo
International Sales Director

Marcela Mesa Calle
Business Development

Esteban Castro
Customer Experience

Anguie Contreras
Business Development

Kate Zakharova
Business Development Manager