About us

Spanish company for the development of software and Internet solutions with more than 15 years in the market developing solutions in more than 10 countries and five languages. 



Being a company of developers, we are constantly looking for ideas that fill market gaps and solve professional needs. Most of our most successful tools started trying to solve the needs of our current clients and Dataslayer.ai is not different. 

We have been granted the prestigious seal Innovative SME from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Spain. Few companies in Spain have this exclusive seal and is the best proof of one of the things we do best: always search and apply the most innovative solutions to our customer’s needs.


And honestly, we love to be innovative, find the most groundbreaking technologies and see how they can help professionals all over the world. A great example of this is one of our most attractive tools: AdSync360, which syncs the offline world with the online world to launch online ad campaigns based on events on the real world such as sports events, weather, tv or radio ads, etc. This tool also enabled us to learn more about the marketing and advertising agencies’ needs, such as gathering data from all their online campaigns into one place. We saw that Supermetrics is the only big one that does it, and that it is above the rest in functionalities but, unfortunately for most agencies, also in its pricing. For us it was clear, the market needed a more economic but equally efficient alternative to Supermetrics, and that’s when Dataslayer.ai was born.


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