Create Accurate and Custom PPC Reports with Supermetrics Free Alternative

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Managing the PPC campaign for your clients and performing PPC reporting properly is not as easy as it seems. And when you do it manually, it takes a lot of time. Thus, it is important to deploy a good quality PPC reporting tool to manage the PPC campaign for your clients while sending them custom PPC reports in a short time possible.

If you are a PPC manager or a beginner in this vast field of PPC marketing, you should start using a PPC reporting tool to accomplish your task. Whether you need to send PPC report to your clients at the end of every month or once in a week, a PPC reporting tool will help you make the report accurate and well-organized. Ultimately, you can automate your business with a PPC reporting tool.

Here are the benefits of using a PPC reporting tool in your business:

  • Optimize Your PPC Marketing Efforts: With a PPC reporting tool, you can easily optimize you PPC marketing efforts and get positive results while managing the PPC campaign of your clients.
  • Save Time and Money: PPC reporting with the help of any reliable alternative to supermetrics will help you save a lot of time and money. As it can automate the process, you don’t need to spend on resources. You can get the reports customized in just a few clicks.  
  • Great User Experience: Using a PPC reporting tool is quite easy, with so many custom features; you can create an accurate detailed and engaging report that will give a great user experience.
  • Track Key Metrics: Using a free PPC reporting tool is also useful to track the key PPC metrics such as CTR, clicks and impressions. This helps you identify the area of improvement and deliver the best services to your clients.

Now, if you are seeking the best and popular alternative to supermetrics that does not only meet you requirements but saves you a lot of time, then you should use Dataslayer. It is the most trusted and top quality PPC reporting tool to create custom PPC reports and update them into the Google sheets quickly. It makes it easy to track PPC metrics. You can update reports from analytics, Adwords, Microsoft advertising, Facebook and DCM. This is the best supermetrics free alternative designed for PPC managers or experts who often need to send complete and detailed PPC reports to their clients.

About Dataslayer: Dataslayer is most reliable and free PPC reporting tool that you can use to make your PPC reporting hassle free while saving a lot of time. The drag and drop features and other functions in the tool helps you create custom reports shortly and update them automatically into the Google sheets. Also, you can make all types of digital marketing dashboards with Dataslayer.

So, use Dataslayer to complete various PPC reported tasks while making PPC reporting easier than ever.

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