Save Your Time and Money with Supermetrics Free Alternative

When it comes to ensuring effective PPC reporting, Google ads, Facebook ads and other online advertising platforms offer native functionality which includes CSV reports and campaign reports. However, these tools limit you to combine multiple data sources and do not allow you to create narratives that make your PPC reports insightful and engaging to clients.

If you want to bring your PPC efforts to life while generating quality results, then it is important to add meaning, detail, and context to your PPC reports. To do this, you are required to deploy the PPC reporting tool. And the tool should address two crucial aspects for your stakeholders and clients: The performance of their PPC campaign and whether it is outperforming competitors in the same domain.

In this post, you will get to know how to enhance your PPC reporting efforts with PPC reporting tools and which is the best and cost-effective PPC reporting tool that helps you to report effectively and save a lot of productive time. As PPC reporting is one of the most important tasks, you cannot skip the step but it doesn’t make any sense to spend hours or even days creating and schedule reports. With the help of supermetrics free alternatives such as Dataslayer, you can evaluate the progress of your PPC campaign and make relevant improvements.

With PPC reports, you can share information about the campaign performance for your clients and share actionable insight into your performance. Dataslayer has a lot to offer to PPC marketers as well as digital experts. Dataslayer is a proven tool to implement and report to boost PPC strategies. With Dataslayer, the PPC reports are completely customizable to track the progress of PPC campaigns. The Google ad dashboard provides deep insight into the performance of Google ad campaigns. The PPC report you create through this free PPC reporting tool highlights the main KPIs which include, impressions, average CPC, average CPM, ROAS, and overall costs.

Dataslayer is known as the best and free alternative to supermetrics which offers custom features and is very easy to use.  It allows you to build your custom reports using various PPC data sources. This means that PPC report can be an asset to any PPC advertising campaign as these reports can become a tool to justify new strategies to increase stakeholder buy-in and boost long-term client relationships.

Dataslayer is the most useful tool for digital marketers and freelancers who want to boost their PPC marketing efforts. It helps in reducing manual efforts while saving both money and time. Thus, if you are a PPC manager and you need to send reports to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis, then using Dataslayer will make your PPC reporting easy and effective. Also, the best thing is this free PPC reporting tool is reliable and secure for your business data.

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