Choose Dataslayer Over Supermetrics to Ensure PPC Reporting Smoothly

If you are running any digital marketing business and want to ensure consistent growth, then you should deploy a top-quality business management tool to streamline processes. This helps you automate several time-taking tasks, get clear insights, and increase global outreach. Now, when it comes to running a PPC campaign, you should deploy the best quality PPC reporting tool to save your time and money. With the help of the right & free PPC reporting tool such as supermetrics, you can boost your digital marketing efforts and streamline your business processes.

However, supermetrics is quite expensive, thus if you are running a small or mid-level business, you should invest in any reliable and budget-friendly software. Here are the common problems that most PPC managers face while running their PPC campaigns and how to resolve them.

  • Keyword research is the most time consuming and intimidating tasks for many PPC managers. With the help of good PPC management software, you can easily perform keyword research and create a list of high volume keywords for your campaign.
  • It is hard to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. But with right PPC tool, you do not need to build and manage ads separately on Facebook, Twitter, or Bing on social media platforms to manage a PPC marketing campaign; you can easily manage ads on various channels.

There are many features available in the PPC reporting tool that not only improve your ROI but also streamline many other tasks of your PPC campaign.

Features of PPC software you should consider:

Well, there are a lot of features you should consider while choosing the best PPC software for your business. As every PPC campaign has different marketing needs, you make ensure that the tool you are using can meet your specific requirements.

  • Your PPC software should allow access to multiple users if there are several members who will work on ad campaigns.
  • Your software should help you post ads on multiple channels such as Bing, Google, and Facebook without any limitations.
  • Your software should allow you to aggregate social media accounts of different clients if you run ads for more than one campaign.
  • Your PPC reporting tool offers you easy reporting features if you need to send reports to your clients every week. It is quite easy to create custom reports with the PPC reporting tool when it comes to updating your clients with their campaign ROI and statistics.

Now, if you are seeking the best supermetrics free alternative, then you can rely on Dataslayer. It is a very simple PPC reporting tool that allows you to create high-quality PPC reports through automation and drag & drop functionality. Thus, if you want to compare Dataslayer and supermetrics in terms of effectiveness, functionality, and cost, then Dataslayer is the best option for you.

It imports data from various data sources which include Facebook, Google Analytics, DCM, Google Ads, GoogleDV360, and a lot more.

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