Dataslayer: A Great Alternative to Supermetrics for PPC Reporting


Whether you are a PPC manager or a seasoned digital marketer managing all the SEO and PPC tasks, you may understand the role of PPC reports to build your business while maintaining customer relationships. If you are already using any PPC reporting tool like super metrics and looking for another tool with the same features at affordable cost, then you can use Dataslayer.

It is a free PPC reporting tool having all the features you require to create accurate and custom PPC reports while saving a lot of money. It can solve all the challenges you face when sending PPC reports to clients such a speed, timely updates, accuracy and data management.

No matter the type of business your clients own, Dataslayer helps you create proper PPC reports for their campaign. When you use Dataslayer, you will realize that it is the best PPC reporting tool to collect and manage you PPC data and to ensure proper PPC reporting within short time.

Here’s how you can get benefit from Dataslayer:

  • Ease to check Data:

Many PPC managers use different tools to track and analyze theory data, but when it comes to PPC reporting, it is imperative to find the reliable one to create accurate reports. Dataslayer offers complete freedom to track data into tools such as Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google sheets or Google Cloud. You can easily update or feed your data with Dataslayer.

  • Reduce Manual Efforts:

With Dataslayer, you can easily save a lot of time from manual mapping and replacing   excel formulas. With this free PPC reporting tool, you can leverage intuitive data mapping while creating PPC reports.

  • Easy Accessibility: Dataslayer is more robust and reliable PPC reporting tool than supermetrics. You can easily access your data from various data sources anytime you need.
  • Save Time: Dataslayer allows you to collect, prepare and remove data in a short span of time. It has API and drag & drop features, thus you can easily manage your data in the Google sheet.
  • Boost Marketing Efforts:

When you perform PPC tasks manually, you have to spend a lot on resources that also waste your time. With the help of Dataslayer, you do not only automate your PPC tasks but boost your advertising effort and manage data from various sources.

Thus, if you want to streamline your PPC business while managing the processes especially PPC reporting, then Dataslayer is the name you should take it the consideration. It is the supermetrics free alternative to import your data from Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook and other data sources. Thus, if you want to accomplish your PPC reporting without any hassle every week, then choose Dataslayer and save both time & money.

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