How to Choose a Right PPC Reporting Tool?

When it comes to managing a PPC campaign, you have to deal with a lot of factors. Creating PPC reports and sending them to clients is one of the tasks that consume a lot of time when done manually. Using a good PPC reporting tool makes it easily to create detailed reports while analyzing the overall performance of the campaign. It helps to reduce the efforts of PPC account managers, marketers and agency owners.

This allows you to get benefit from great convenience and efficiency while managing the PPC related tasks. With a free PPC reporting tool, marketers can easily track the key performance metrics of the campaign and show them in the reports in a concise manner.

Most often, a dynamic and flexible PPC reporting solution is required to create insightful PPC reports for different audiences. Well, there is a plethora of PPC reporting tools available online, having custom features to make your PPC reporting task easier, but you should make sure that the tool you are choosing can meet all your specific requirements. If you are also managing a PPC campaign and looking for the best and reliable supermetrics free alternative, then you should consider the below-mentioned factors while choosing a right PPC reporting tool.

What is your goal behind creating PPC reports?

It is the most important factor to be conspdered while selecting a PPC reporting tool. Generally, PPC account manager deploy such tools to track the performance data from various sources such as Google analytics, Google adwords, Twitter and Facebook. This helps to manage the performance more effectively.

Who Will Check Your PPC Report?

It is important to know who will check your PPC report. whether they are account managers, representatives, marketers or digital marleters, make sure that your PPC reporting tool helps you show all the performance metrics in a perfect manner.

Which Key Performance Indicators you would like to add?

Your PPC reporting tool should helps you add the key performance indicators in the report you want to send to your clients. These KPI include, CTR, impressions, CPC, ROAS, revenue and costs.

Will you be able to use custom features?

While choosing a PPC reporting tool, make sure that you will be able to use custom features. With drag and drop options and related custom features, you will ensure professional-looking and engaging reports created with the help of any alternative to supermetrics.

Now, after considering the above factors, if you are seeking the best PPC reporting tool that comes within your budget, then you can undoubtedly use Dataslayer. It makes it easier for PPC marketers to create report smoothly and update them in the Google sheets. You can even combine different accounts and data sources in the same report. It is possible to share your report with other people to edit and update the data.