Try Free PPC Reporting Tool Having Great Features than Supermetrics

Using PPC reporting tool is absolutely vital for digital marketing and automating the PPC related tasks. It is the best way to empower marketers while boosting their PPC business. If you are using supermetrics, then you might be looking for an affordable alternative to supermetrics. However, supermetrics is one of the reliable tools for excel lovers and small businesses. If you are seeking the most robust platform without spending a lot of money, then you should use Dataslayer. It can solve all the challenges related to PPC marketing.

Regardless of the size of business you own, big or small, Dataslayer helps you get the complete picture of your PPC marketing efforts. When you will use Dataslayer, you will experience that it is the last tool you will ever need when it is about collecting and normalizing your business data. Here are the features of Dataslayer that you can benefit from:

  • Flexibility to Check Your Data: Many people use different tools to analyze, visualize, and report on their data. Dataslayer provides complete freedom to check clear and
    mapped data into any tool. Whether it is Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Cloud, Google sheets, you can easily update your data. You just need to use Dataslayer to
    feed your data.
  • Ensure Automation for PPC Related Tasks: With Dataslayer, you can replace manual mapping and replace excel formulas with automation. As it is quite a time consuming and
    daunting to clear and add data manually, Dataslayer offers intuitive data mapping for you.  
  • Reliable and Robust: Dataslayer is much more reliable and robust than supermetrics. You can access the data anytime while saving it on the servers even the data sources have
    issues in the end.
  • Save Time: You can save a lot of time to automate collecting, preparing, and removing your data. With the advanced option and drag and drop functionalities, you can easily use
    all the PPC data when and where you need it. With API and easy features, you can easily update the data in the Google sheet.
  • Optimize Marketing: When you do your task manually, you have to spend on your resources. Using Dataslayer helps you optimize your PPC marketing efforts and manage
    data for different social media channels.

Dataslayer is the best alternative of supermetrics to import your data from data sources such as Google Analytics into Google sheets. Now, it is easy and reliable to create custom PPC reports while scheduling automation.

So what are you waiting for? Just use free PPC reporting tool and streamline the processes for tinning your PPC campaigns smoothly and effectively.

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