What time zone does Dataslayer use?

The timezone of each date is set in relation to the timezone of the Google Sheets. Therefore, if the words “yesterday” or “tomorrow” are written in the date range, it is going to be in accordance with the timezone in which each user is.With the following datasources, we cannot interact with the timezone they use to return data:

– AdwordsAnalytics and Facebook use the timezone specified in the account from which data is collected.

– DCM: Default timezone is “America/LosAngeles” and cannot be changed.

– Searchconsole: Default timezone is “UTC – 7:00/8:00” and cannot be changed.

For these 3 datasources we have to send them in each call the timezone setting in each spreadsheet:

– Bing: by default it uses the timezone “PacificTimeUSCanadaTijuana”, but can be changed in the call

– DV360: Uses the “America/NewYork” timezone by default, but can be changed in the call

– Criteo: Default timezone is “GMT”, but can be changed in the call