What is Dataslayer for Google Data Studio?

For people that get lost in the ocean of data digital marketing has, there are more visual platforms like Google Data Studio that allows you to create interactive dashboards and more colorful reports. This platform has its own connectors to Google’s data sources like Analytics or Adwords, but they don’t import all its metrics nor have connectors for other external Data sources like Facebook Ads.

That’s why Dataslayer.ai has launched its own connectors to bring all the metrics from the most important data sources directly into Google Data Studio within seconds.

Our connectors also allow you to automate your dashboards so you have them always up to date without wasting any more time on them.

Our prices will continue to be more economic than Supermetrics and will charge only per usage, not per connector or number of users. This way, you will be able to enjoy all of our connectors from the smallest plan to the largest.