3 Common Mistakes People Make During PPC Reporting

If you want to become a successful PPC manager, then you need to have clear insights and excellent advertising skills. Along with this, you need to learn to make the custom and accurate PPC reports as it is the key to ensure clients’ satisfaction. Your PPC report should contain all the key metrics that reflect the status of the PPC campaign you are running for your client. Whether you send reports on a weekly or monthly basis, your reports should be insightful and detailed. 

However, there are many mistakes people make while making PPC reports. Here are 3 common mistakes you should avoid:

  • Sending PPC Report Too Soon:

This is the most common mistake that people make while creating PPC reports. When you share PPC reports too soon, it may undervalue your expertise efforts. Besides, you may miss a lot of factors you need to add to your report if you sent too early.

If your PPC report contains key performance indicators, then take some time to review your report using a free PPC reporting tool. This will help you get more conversions as you will find time to create accurate reports. You should not share the data of the current month until you have data for four months.

  • Unorganized Reports:

It may be hard to figure out what to add or what not to add in your PPC report but to become a successful PPC expert, you should know how to send actionable and organized PPC report to your clients that are also beneficial for your management team. The common segments you can focus on in your PPC report involve networks, brand vs. non-brand, devices, audiences, or an hour of the week.

  • Adding a Lot of Data: 

Some PPC expert makes a mistake by adding a lot of data in their PPC report. They add details of metrics along with the tables and statistics about every entity. PPC experts play an important role to manage PPC campaigns effectively but creating and managing a lot of data while making reports can be time-consuming. Thus, you should only share the data which shows a clear insight and results of the status of the PPC campaign you are handling for your clients.

Now, if you are also handling many PPC campaigns of your clients and it becomes quite daunting to create PPC reports manually, then you can automate the process by deploying a free PPC reporting tool i.e. Dataslayer. It is the best alternative to supermetrics having a lot of useful features and is available at quite an affordable price than Supermetrics. With the help of Dataslayer, you can easily create PPC reports and important data from different data sources like Google analytics and Google Ads directly into the Google sheets. You can even update the functions to get the real-time data and automate reports of all your campaigns for online marketing.

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