4 Benefits of PPC Reporting Tools for PPC Marketing


When it comes to PPC advertising and reporting, lack of tools is not the issue. Sending reports successfully to clients on time is something that most of the PPC managers worried about. Today, you can find a wide variety of business management tools that reduce manual efforts and make things easier. Many PPC managers make use of site analytics to do PPC marketing. Well, there are an array of PPC reporting tools available in the market that help you send detailed and engaging PPC reports to clients weekly as well as monthly.

Here are 4 Benefits of PPC Reporting Tools:

  • Improve Accuracy: No matter how many years of experience you have, you are human and can mistakes. Thus, instead of preparing reports in the excel sheet to share them at the month-end, try using a PPC reporting tool and ensure the accuracy of the formulas and data. The questioning of the accuracy and errors can be eliminated with the PPC reporting tool. Also, you can customize the reports from multiple services to the report data. It saves sanity, money, and time for you as well as your team.
  • Save Time on Manual Tasks: With the help of the PPC reporting tool, all the data from Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be exported in the same format. It will eliminate the time you spend on extracting, manipulating, and organizing the report data. A PPC reporting tool or any supermetrics free alternative can automate your PPC reports and help you to save your time.
  • Proper Analysis and Holistic Insight: If your campaign is performing well with AdWords but not with Face book, then the PPC reporting tool will be helpful to share a consolidated report in a single dashboard. Whether you are running single or multiple campaigns, all your needs can be accommodated with an alternative to supermetrics.
  • Increase Productivity: Integrating all the PPC tactics into a single PPC reporting dashboard saves you time and resources. If you are a PPC expert at any digital marketing agency, then using the PPC reporting tool will not only make the task easier but will also increase your productivity.

 Now, you can find a lot of PPC reporting tools that are used by many experts to accomplish their PPC tasks but it is important to find the tool which is alternative to supermetrics and available in your budget.

 Luckily, Dataslayer is the best and free PPC reporting tool that boosts your PPC marketing efforts and makes it easier to send details, insightful, and engaging PPC reports to your clients. You can create custom PPC reports having detailed statistics of clicks, impressions, CPC, and CTR. Thus, if you are looking for the best PPC reporting tool for your business, then Dataslayer can meet all your expectations.