5 Most Important KPIs You Should Add In Your PPC Report

If you are running a PPC campaign for your clients and send reports for every week or month, then you may familiar with the KPIs you should track. There are certain KPIs you should track and mention in your PPC report that makes sense. Almost every business from different industries uses KPIs to know how their business is doing in the market and that factors are limiting it to growth. While running a PPC campaign, you can use KPI such as CTR and impressions to determine the performance of the PPC campaign you are running.

Understanding and tracking key performance indicators are vital to run a PPC campaign in the right way. Every business aims to match KPIs such as CPC, impression share, CPA, CTR, and average position while opting for PPC services. All these PPC metrics show how the PPC campaign is running and performing. It will help you to have a clear insight on how close you are to your PPC goals and set up Google Ads and Google Analytics ahead of time. In this way, you can safeguard the integrity of your PPC campaign and measure its performance more effectively.

Proper tracking of KPIs for the PPC campaign helps you to demonstrate the overall ROI.

Here are 5 most important KPIs you should add in your PPC report:

  • Clicks: As clicks are the first step to ensure conversions, they are considered as the initial indicator of the success of the PPC campaign. This metric measures how people click on your ads.
  • CTR: CTR (Click-Through-Rate) measures how many clicks are generated by your PPC campaign, this is a key metric to measure the performance of your campaign.
  • CPC: PPC advertisers have a proper idea of how much they can pay for the ad they are running as they have a set budget.
  • CPA: You can set a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) while running PPC campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate: It is not just a sign for the success of the PPC campaign you are running, but the reason for which PPC experts are hired at digital marketing agencies. Many businesses have an aim for conversions instead of impressions and clicks.

All these metrics are important to be added to PPC reports. Apart from adding metrics in the reports, there are many other factors that are quite overwhelming while creating PPC reports. There are many PPC reporting tools available online that make it easy to create PPC reports while scheduling automation, but Dataslayer is the best among all.

You can easily create custom PPC reports and send them to your clients while reducing manual efforts and time consumption. It allows you to combine different accounts and data sources in a single report and makes it possible to work collaboratively at a time. With Dataslayer, you can easily create all types of digital marketing dashboards for paid ads, search engine marketing, and so on.