Best alternatives to Supermetrics in 2021

As a digital marketing professional you may have to study a lot of data that comes from many different sources. For example Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook or Bing. Each of them has its own platform and when you need to get all the information into one report, that’s where we come in.

There are so many different data sources and such a huge quantity of data to analyze, having to copy it manually into a report is a task that we can eliminate.

And here lies the problem for everyday marketers. As you probably know, Supermetrics was one of the first to find a good solution that quickly became the best in the market. Here we will talk about Supermetrics but also the alternatives that are running close to surpassing it.

Supermetrics is a connector that picks up all the marketing data you need and brings it to your favorite reporting analytics, or storage platform. Although Supermetrics can connect with Google Data Studio or BigQuery, we will focus on Google Sheets.

Its add-on is very complete and has numerous data sources to connect with. It also operates quickly and its interface is very friendly.

Nevertheless, those aren’t the reasons most marketers have started looking for alternatives. The main reason is that they have risen their prices considerably these past years and many small or medium companies cannot afford it. But lately, there have also been more complaints about their customer support as you can see in their G2 profile reviews.

That is why many other platforms have arrived and they have become pretty good alternatives to Supermetrics. Even if at first they may not seem that complete, they are growing fast and their prices are much more competitive for most companies. In this post we will analyse in depth, with their advantages and disadvantages, the best 3 alternatives that we think can compare and even overtake Supermetrics.


Created last year by a company of Spanish developers it’s the only tool that has achieved the same Supermetrics’ features for Google Sheets.

For now, only has an add-on for Google Sheets, but in the near future they are also planning to have connectors for Google Data Studio. You can download Dataslayer from its web page or from the Google Marketplace directly.

As an add-on, it has a very friendly and intuitive interface, as you can see in the image. It is very similar to Supermetrics so former Supermetrics users can start using the add-on with almost no effort.

Dataslayer’s prices are very affordable for small and medium companies’ needs. There are no hidden costs as you scale up to more users.

But the best of all is that Dataslayer has a free plan forever, with all the data sources available (the only limitation is the number of daily queries or API calls), unlike Supermetrics, which free trial only gives access to some of their data sources.

You can see in detail a comparison between the Dataslayer prices and the Supermetrics prices here.

At the moment, only has 10 different data sources but they are the most well-known in the digital marketing world: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, BigQuery or Bing. Compared with Supermetrics, it may be a disadvantage but Dataslayer picks up metrics that Supermetrics is not able to, like metrics from Google Ads Experiment campaigns. Another advantage of Dataslayer is that it is under permanent development, so they are continuously integrating more data sources and functionalities (you can see which are the next ones in their web page: /integrations/ ).

A great advantage of Dataslayer over Supermetrics is that it doesn’t have a limit on the shared logins in none of its plans, not even in its free plan (unlike Supermetrics). That means  that the same account can be used by different users at the same time, as long as they don’t do more daily API calls than the ones permitted in their current plan. Agencies LOVE this feature.

Dataslayer’s developers are aware that users usually don’t want to change platforms to avoid having to start all their previous work from scratch. That’s why, Dataslayer has integrated a migration tool to import data from Supermetrics, so users don’t lose their previous reports and can keep working on them from a much cheaper and friendly platform.

Last but not least, Dataslayer has very efficient customer support. It has a live chat service both on the web and in the Google Sheets add-on. They also  have the option to report an issue with a query that sends the necessary information for the IT team to review it and have an answer within 24 hours. Another big advantage of being a new tool in development is that the user’s feedback and suggestions are very important to them. Dataslayer’s developers know their users are the best ones to help them build a tool that solves their everyday marketing problems, so they have them very present in any new development or update.


Developed in Switzerland, allows you to integrate all your marketing data and run advanced marketing attribution models based on the entire customer journey.

This tool has a different functioning than Supermetrics. Although it also has the option to put all your marketing campaigns data into Google Sheets, Excel or Google Data Studio, it doesn’t do it from the original platform as Supermetrics. It works from their tool located in their web page, as you can see in the image:

As Supermetrics, it has a Google Sheets add-on that can be downloaded from the Google Marketplace, but with main differences. The biggest one, it only works with Google Analytics and, to connect with it you need to enter the API key and client ID you have first obtained by registering on the website’s tool. So it isn’t very useful.

windsor add-on

About their plans, they are much more complete and economic than Supermetrics’. All of them have free API access and they even have a free plan (unlike Supermetrics), although it is limited to 1 report, 1 user and 2 data sources. 

windsor prices

On the number of data sources available, has a good quantity with 30 data sources from which their users can fetch data.  It also offers predefined dashboards to easily make very visual reports, and the user experience as well as the customer support is very well rated.

3. Funnel

Funnel is another tool that is starting to be well known amongst marketers and there are good reasons for it. It is a very complete tool that also allows you to import your marketing data into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or Excel. But, it doesn’t have an add-on or connectors to work from those platforms, it has its own platform from where you can upload all your data to analyze. With a very friendly and intuitive interface, it is a very complete platform that allows you to choose the data source, metrics or dimensions you need to work with and later on decide where do you want to import them to.

One of their best advantages compared to Supermetrics is that they can retrieve data from more than 500 data sources.

But, when looking at their pricing, they are far less economic than Supermetrics or the other alternatives we’ve seen. It is true that they have more data sources than any other and they also have unlimited API calls in all their plans but, they don’t even have a free trial for users to test the platform before purchasing it. The only way for users to try the platform is by booking a demo. Without a demo you cannot download or register into Funnel, which isn’t a very nice starting process.

With such elevated prices users expect great behaviour and customer support (it is only available in the agency plan) and when they are not met, the user’s overall experience isn’t too good according to many sources.

These are the best 3 most remarkable alternatives to Supermetrics at the moment (taken into account similar or more complete functionalities, pricing and customer support) to help  marketers do their everyday work much more easily and efficiently. It is obvious that with more data sources available and more platforms to import data to, the price increases. But, Dataslayer shows us there are alternatives that grant us access to the most important data sources at a reasonable cost and, at the same time, be part of an ongoing project with endless possibilities.