How a Supermetrics Free Alternative Can Meet Different PPC Goals?

If you are handling a PPC agency, then you may know how PPC reports can give a clear insight into the campaign performance to your clients. With detail and insightful PPC reports, it is possible to know further business opportunities as well as the area of improvement to deliver better results. Well, creating PPC reports and scheduling automation is not as easy as it seems especially if you are doing it manually. This is where the importance of PPC reporting tool comes into existence. A PPC reporting tool like supermetrics can make your PPC reporting task easier and reduce manual efforts.

PPC reporting does not only mean sending weekly or monthly statistics to your clients but sharing clear metrics. With a free PPC reporting tool, you can align details in the right alignment and help clients to meet their business goals. If you want to improve your business relationship with your clients, then you should make sure about the proper PPC reporting in your agency. A PPC report having details of key metrics for the current and last few months has a positive impact. Besides, it saves a lot of time and resources.

Before you schedule automation and create a report for your clients, it is important to consider the specific goals and objectives of your clients. As ever clients have their specific goal, and you should prepare PPC reports based on their objectives. You should make a strategic plan to create a PPC report for your isn’t that give them details about the performance metrics as well as the business goals. To prepare accurate reports, you should consider the following goals of your clients.

  • Leads: If the goal of your clients to avail PPC services is to generate leads, then you should focus on conversion rate and try to improve your PPC strategies.
  • Brand Exposure: It can be determined by click, click-through rate as well as cost per click.
  • Growth and Sales: It can be shown by leads to sale conversion rate, ROI calculation as well as the brand revenue.

When it comes to including PC metrics while preparing a PPC report, it is beneficial to include Return an Ad Spend, quality scores as well as sales funnel conversion rates. You can also add composition in the report for the previous PPC work that provides context. Along with this, you should focus on other PPC elements that impact the campaign performance such as keywords, landing pages, and tests.

Dataslayer is the most trusted and free PPC reporting tool you can depot to cost your PPC reporting strategies. You can use the data in the Google sheets from Facebook ads, Bing ads, Google analytics, and many other data sources. It is the best alternative to supermetrics you can consider to reduce the cost and improve the campaign performance.