How To Make Perfect PPC Reports For Your Clients?

Creating PPC reports can be a cumbersome and complicated task in hurry. There can be a gap between what your clients need and what PPC managers understand. Sometimes, even the dedicated experts fail to create perfect weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that affect their leads.

Regardless of the stage you are on right now in your business; there is always a chance to improve. You can improve methods, strategies, and even the templates if you know how to get things done.

As you know that the relationship with your clients can be built successfully only based on trust, every business needs to deliver remarkable services with reports to earn the client’s trust. Many factors play an important role in building client relationship. And reporting holds a key value in maintaining communication. If you running a PPC campaign for a long time, you may understand how it is necessary to share PPC reports through supermetrics free alternative regularly with your clients while achieving your business goals.

Well, here are some tips to consider while creating perfect PPC reports:

  • Stay Transparent and Consistent: Having an open and honest way a share performance while sharing PPC reports is important even the numbers are showing growth. It is the first essential to create a perfect report. When you share the proper stats and detailed information about the campaign, you earn trust. With a consistent format for PPC reporting, it becomes easy to follow and familiar with your client.
  • Add the Specific Details: It is important to add high-level content having fine details. You can keep your client engaged by adding keywords, ads as well as ad groups. You may have some clients who just check the first and second pages of the reports while others want to check everything in detail.
  • Give Definitions: Make sure to give definitions consistently to keep the subject and stats more approachable for your client. Also, include figures and tables to define standard definitions that would be beneficial for clients to get a clear understanding of the stats in the PPC reports.
  • Aggregate Data in Your Report: If you are running PPC ads in Bing or additional advertising channels, it is beneficial to aggregate stats to check why PPC is important for all the networks. By aggregating data in your PPC report, you can allow clients to stay free for to do the calculation

Well, you can automate your PPC related tasks while creating reports easily using a reliable supermetrics free alternative. Dataslayer is a free PPC reporting tool to create PPC reports with custom features while updating into the Google sheets from various data sources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Bing etc.

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