How to Save Efforts and Time With PPC Reporting Tool?

ppc reporting tool

You might be managing your spreadsheet properly for those tedious PPC tasks, but there will be a point where you will require to have something more robust. And that point will come when you do PPC reporting, which is the most important part of PPC.

However, spreadsheets consume a lot of productive time for tracking KPIs and ROI, but you can still produce some meaningful and professional-looking reports from the spreadsheet. If you have an agency to run, doing everything manually without using any PPC management software, will drag on your time. Well, you can spend that time in a better way by doing the prior tasks for your business with the help of PPC automation software. You can gain new prospects and massively impress the existing ones you have.

This is where the importance of PPC reporting tools has come into the existence. It helps you and your staff save a lot of time and produce incredibly engaging and detailed reports that also have a wow factor your PPC clients are after. With the right PPC tool such as super metrics, you no more have to struggle about proving to your clients the significance of PPC in boosting the marketing efforts and great return on investment due to it. By deploying a PPC reporting tool, you can simply produce your latest report and you will be able to deliver the required information of the PPC campaign to your clients.

There are a plethora of PPC reporting tools available for PPC agencies out there, and costs are not that high if you make the right choice. If you already be using Supermetrics and now looking for a supermetrics free alternative due to the higher cost as compared to your budget, then you can start using Dataslayer.

Dataslayer is the most reliable, free, and easy to access PPC reporting tool that boosts your PPC reporting efforts and improve your performance. It offers various nice features to create automated PPC reports, so you don’t have to put the reminder for sending them to your clients.

The best thing about Dataslayer is that it is free of cost. Even you don’t have to compromise with the features and reliability. Dataslayer offers you drag and drop functionality, which means you can directly add the data into the Google sheet from various data sources such as Bing ads, Facebook ads, Google analytics, and Google ads.

When choosing the right PPC reporting tool, you need to focus on the feature you really require to streamline your PPC reporting while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Once you deploy the PPC reporting tool in place, you will create detailed and meaningful reports. You can easily show your clients how their PPC campaign is performing and what’s the next strategy to improve certain factors.