How to Use Pinterest ads to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

If you are thinking to use Pinterest ads to drive your marketing strategy, you’re lucky. With over 433 million global active users, Pinterest Ads can be a perfect solution to help you drive more traffic and boost your sales performance. 

Driving enough traffic to your site has become quite challenging nowadays. Worst still, increasing your sales volume is even more demanding.

In this article, we will discuss the seven tips for using Pinterest Ads effectively to help you achieve your marketing goals. But before we dive into the tips, let’s check out more reasons why you should try them.

Benefits of Pinterest ads

Using Pinterest for your business has more benefits that go with increased traffic and sales. Pinterest is a hybrid of a search engine and social media site, which makes it a powerful marketing tool with the following perks: 

Boosts brand awareness

Pinterest is a discovery tool, and using promoted pins allows you to expand your audience and make your brand known to new customers. With its precise targeting, you will achieve most of your marketing goals. Additionally, reports show that about 98% of Pinterest users have tried something new upon seeing a business’s content on the platform. 

Increases conversions

Pinterest ads encourage users to accomplish desired actions that contribute to your business’s growth. You can boost your online sign-ups, subscriptions, and transactions effortlessly with Pinterest because users can easily find your ads or content through keywords, boards, and interests.

Enables offline sales

Another benefit of using Pinterest ads is it increases your in-store purchases. As more users find the content they need within their locations, you can target and encourage them to visit your store. Therefore, your brand will gain more potential customers with promoted pins on Pinterest. 

Allows your content to rank easily

Compared to many other search engines, like Google, Pinterest’s algorithm is much simpler and easier to rank higher. Therefore, well-optimized pins can gather tons of impressions, clicks, and conversions than you would get on many other search engines and social media sites.

How to drive more traffic and boost sales with Pinterest ads

Pinterest is really awesome. We’ve checked the perks, but how can you ensure that your ads on Pinterest get you the results you need?

To answer that, let’s dive into these seven powerful tips and ways to use Pinterest ads effectively!

Perform a Pinterest keyword research

Doing keyword research for your products can help you to identify popular terms related to your brand. With a great keyword list, you will know what terms users on Pinterest use to find your products on the platform.

That way, you can strategically use them in your content, making your ads appear higher on the search results.

Keyword research on Pinterest is not so complicated, but you need to put in some effort. Here are the three ways of finding the right keywords for your products:

Use the Pinterest search bar

As you type your keywords into Pinterest’s search bar, Pinterest automatically creates suggestions for other commonly searched terms. These suggestions depend on what other Pinterest users use to find related products. So, you can pick the most relevant and use them in your ads.

Check out explore Pinterest pages

On Pinterest’s explore page, you can find the popular content in your niche. Click on these topics for more information, like popular ideas or trending searches. Thus, you can see the keywords your competitors are probably using or targeting.

Use the keyword tool on Pinterest

You can find keywords using Pinterest Ads without creating a campaign. To do so:

  1. Go to Ads and click Create Ad
  2. Next, click on New ad group, then select any strategy.
  3. Lastly, click on Keywords & Interests, and then Add keywords.

You can then type the keyword for your topic in the right column, and Pinterest will automatically display a list of related keywords and the volumes of their monthly search.

Create a good copy description that adds value to your ads

Every pin has a description below it, which makes it easy for readers to discover and understand. Writing pin descriptions is easy, but creating optimized pins that can convert to maximize their potential is another thing entirely.

To create a high engagement, your pin should be:

  • Detailed: Explain what your pin is about in a sentence or two. Giving enough information can make the pinner click through to your links.
  • Helpful: Ensure that your pin is valuable, so users can easily understand its value when they spot your description.
  • Interesting: Use positive sentiments and sensory-related words that can draw the emotions of the pinners.
  • Actionable: Your description should contain a call to action. Including phrases like “check out” can increase engagement.

And to make your pins even more descriptive and discoverable, add other product information to your ads. Pinterest also has seven required and 30+ optional product data fields that you should optimize where necessary for maximum discoverability and conversion.

Optimize your pins for maximum discoverability

Creating ads that will be discoverable long after you stop your paid campaigns will ensure that your content will always remain profitable. When you add interests and keywords that are relevant to your descriptions, they add ranking value to your ad content.

Pinterest offers several categories of interests. So, be careful about the ones you choose for your ad groups, as it is easy to pick them wrongly. Many users may perceive your products differently than you see them, so it is important to do your research well.

Another way to boost your SEO on Pinterest is using your boards effectively to improve your Pin’s visibility. These boards provide crucial information to the Pinterest search engine. They provide the data that informs how to categorize your Pins to ensure they will be visible only to the relevant audience.

Optimizing your ads for SEO helps boost your content’s visibility, which allows you to leverage Pinterest’s huge potential as a robust marketing tool.

Promote your pins regularly and consistently 

Multiple pins are shown on Pinterest each hour, every day. So, you must be smart in this numbers game.

First, you should find a way to make your pins shine the brightest. That way, you get more repins that will make your content frequently visible to new users.

Next, a good strategy after creating the best pins is to find a good time to pin. According to Buffer, the best time to pin is from 8 PM to midnight of any day, and the other potential best time is between 8 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM. Saturday was the prime day with the highest traffic, especially in the evenings.

You can quickly get information about your audience from Pinterest’s demographic analytics. You can understand where your audience comes from and how much time they spend on Pinterest. And with that information, you get a better picture of the best time to pin when you have a global audience.

According to a study by PewResearchCenter, about 17% of users visit Pinterest daily. 9% of users visit the site several times a day. Nearly 52% of users visit Pinterest less than once per week. This data implies that you should pin consistently to reach more users.

Make use of Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics allow you to determine what your audience loves so that you can create engaging content that converts. When you understand what your audience needs, you can improve your online marketing strategies for better results.

Most likely, the users who already interact with your content on Pinterest have similar behaviours to your targets. Using the analytics feature on Pinterest will help you understand the pins that attract your users’ attention the most. Therefore, you will get valuable insights that will inform the persona of your targets on your Pinterest Ads.

Pin statistics will show you how engaging each pin is. Here are the metrics you can see using Pinterest analytics:

  • Engagements
  • Link click rate
  • Save rate
  • Total audience
  • Engaged audience
  • Monthly total audience
  • Close-ups
  • Impressions
  • Monthly engaged audience
  • Link clicks

These metrics enable you to create good content and optimize your campaigns to acquire better advertisement campaigns and the organic reach of your campaigns. If you have connected your websites and landing pages with the Pinterest tag, you will enable you to track conversations from Pinterest.

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Track KPIs with Dataslayer to effectively use Pinterest ads 

Tracking the effectiveness of your Pinterest ads with Dataslayer is a critical factor that you should consider in your marketing strategy. That way, you will ensure that you will understand what to tweak to improve the performance of your campaigns, which is a rewarding endeavour.

As we’ve seen, Pinterest has more potential for your business. It has more benefits that you can tap into to grow your business further to the next level. Use these tips that we’ve shared as a starting point for building a better Return on Ad Spend with Pinterest ads.

Nonetheless, using Pinterest ads effectively in your campaigns is among the best ways to grow your brand online and get more traffic to your site. And more importantly, it helps you get enough revenue to boost your business performance.