Improve Your Efficiency with Comprehensive PPC Reports

Many business professionals who engage in PPC marketing say that creating and managing PPC reports is their biggest time sink. They invest a lot of time to accomplish a single task. However, PPC reporting is quite imperative that cannot be skipped. It helps to evaluate the progress, make improvements to your PPC campaign and communicate your success.

Why are PPC marketers losing their huge time on this task? Well, there are various PPC reporting tools you can use to streamline your PPC tasks and analyze important PPC metrics. You can find any supermetrics free alternative that helps you make the PPC reporting simplified and saves you time while providing information required to make wise marketing decisions.

Dataslayer is the best alternative to supermetrics that helps you create the best PPC reports and focus on the vital metrics for success. You can save a lot of time on analysis and reporting while taking quick action to get better and profitable results. Here are the features of Dataslayer that benefit you in PPC reporting:

  • Automated Reporting
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Saves Time:
  • Easy Setup
  • Automated Reporting: It is easy to automate your weekly or monthly reporting by creating and scheduling reports that can also be emailed directly to your clients. All the reports can be made customized that fit their specific needs.
  • User-friendly dashboards: Using the Dataslayer helps you create custom reports quickly. Also, you can highlight important KPIs and allow your clients to focus on the most important results and data. Clients can get their data from one place.
  • Save Time: Dataslayer is a quick way to prepare PPC reports. You can easily link your Google AdWords account and start preparing reports. You just require choosing the type of reports and your report will be generated.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up Dataslayer is a quite simple and fast process. Linking up analytics, Adwords, and Bing accounts is easy with a single click. Your reports will be uploaded in Google sheet from various data sources.

Dataslayer’s PPC report provides you the metrics you need to show to your clients. You can create easy to read, engaging, and detailed reports without any hassle. When you create reports with this PPC reporting tool, you can schedule reporting with insights an improved your efficiency. The generated PPC reports enable you to take fast action, visualize your progress when your account needs it the most. It is quite easy to check the key stats for the PPC campaigns you are running such as budget spent, conversion spent, CTR (Click-Through Rate), and  CPA.

Thus, if you want to make PPC reporting easier, then Dataslayer is the most considerable option you can try and save a lot of time.

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