PPC Reporting Tool: A Way to Create a Winning PPC Strategy

ppc reporting tool

The world of PPC marketing is quite a challenging and complex beast. There are several things a PPC expert has to manage, that consume a lot of time. thus, to reduce the time and efforts, PPC management software should be used. PPC reporting tool is one of the essential tools that can be used. It is beneficial for all sizes of businesses to manage time-consuming tasks and improve performance and ultimately help you create a winning PPC strategy. 

Here is the type of PPC report you can create using a PPC reporting tool:

  • Wasted Spend Report
  • Account Audit Report
  • Budget Utilization Report
  • Device Performance Report
  • GEO Performance Report
  • Campaign Targeting Report
  • Cost Analysis Report
  • Essential Summary Report
  • Top Movers Report
  • Most Significant Keyword Report

With all these reports, you can easily show the number of clicks, impressions, cost, conversion spend, conversion value, and CTRto your clients. These reports are designed to give accessible insights. It is not required for you to be well-versed in tracking or data analysis to use this tool. You can share user-friendly and easy to understand data visualization, statistics, and charts in the report to give a clear understanding of the campaign to your clients..

Other Benefits ofUsing the PPC Reporting Tool-

Everything in one Report: You don’t need to scroll the whole report while managing those screenshots and endless spreadsheets a cross channel PPC reporting tool has, helps you all the PPC data across various data platform such as Bing Ads, Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Different KPIs: It is easy to monitor and track various KPIs such as CTR, impressions, conversion rate, etc from the campaign level down to keywords and individual ads. In this way, you can focus on the areas that can be improved for better performance and to generate leads.

Focus on ROI: Many clients just take care of the ROI while running their PPC campaign instead of focusing on other performance metrics. By focusing on positive ROI, you can reduce churn and increase customer retention. A PPC report involves ROI metrics and conversion to help the PPC campaign put its best step forward.

Well, there are various companies s available in the market that claims to be the best at offering free PPC reporting tool but nothing can beat the features and reliability of Dataslayer. It is known as the supermetrics free alternative. Whether you can managing a PPC campaign for your clients or managing your own business to generate more conversions and leads, it is important to choose the PPC reporting tool which is secured and meet all your needs to create insightful and detailed PPC reports.

About Datslayer:

Dataslayer is the best SEM/PPC reporting tool for google sheets. You can import data in the google sheets directly from various sources. With drag and drop functionality and features, you can create reports and schedule automation.