Use Supermetrics Free Alternative to Schedule PPC Reporting Efficiently

supermetrics free alternative

When it comes to scheduling PPC reports while managing certain PPC and digital marketing tasks, it is beneficial to deploy a PPC reporting tool. It does not only benefit the marketers but also boosts your overall PPC business. You might be using any PPC reporting tool such as supermetrics, but now if you are expecting more features at a lower price, then Data slayer can meet all your needs. 

It makes it easier for you to resolve the challenges that come while making PPC reports. No matter what type of business you own, which domain you are dealing in or how you manage your PPC reporting, Dataslayer is the best tool you can use to reduce manual efforts while saving your productive time.

When using Dataslayer, you will get-

  • Flexibility to View and Use the Data: 

Many PPC marketers use different software to check, visualize, and report their PPC data. But nothing is as reliable and easy to access as Dataslayer. It offers complete freedom to analyze and report data into any tool. You can easily update your PPC data from various sources such as Google Cloud, Google Data Studio, Google sheets, Google analytics, etc.

  • Automation: 

With Dataslayer, you don’t need to do manual mapping or use excel formulas to create PPC reports. It is quite daunting and time-consuming to clear the data manually, but Dataslayer provides intuitive and easy data mapping.

  • Reliability: 

It can be considered as the best alternative to supermetrics that allows you to access data whenever you need.

  • Save Time: 

Dataslayer makes it easy for you to collect, prepare and remove your PPC data from the report anytime. With easy drag and drop functionalities and advanced options, you can access all the data easily whenever you want. With API and custom features, Dataslayer helps you with a great user interface to update data in the Google sheet.

  • Optimization:

There are a lot of things you need to handle while doing PPC reporting and Dataslayer allows you to reduce your dedicated resources on a particular project. The best thing about Dataslayer is automation; you don’t need to spend hours for PPC reporting and that ultimately boost your PPC efforts.

Thus, if you want to deploy the best and free PPC reporting tool which is also better than supermetrics, then Dataslayer is the name you should take into consideration. It is also secure, thus, you don’t need to be worried about the client or business data.

So, streamline your PPC process to run your PPC business without any hassle while meeting the expectations of your clients.

As PPC is one of the most important aspects that you cannot ignore to boost your digital marketing tactics, PPC reporting tools can support you to ensure creating and scheduling PPC reports.