Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score with 3 Tips

Google ads’ quality score rates the relevancy of your ads through keywords, landing pages as well as a search query. If you are using Adwords, you may know that how having a good quality score can lead to a better position and reduced CPC.

Google rewards brands in this way and makes it easier to have better placements and entre bid auction in your budget. Now the question is how to improve your quality score. Well, it’s the best idea to analyze your current quality scores to know which ads require improvement. You can check your quality score in two ways by considering the keyword level.

  • Navigating the running campaign and viewing the keywords tab.
  • Click at the speech tab next to any keywords in the status column.

Quality scores are ideal if they are between 7-10. You can even have an idea about where your PPC ads are falling short or excelling for the 3 main categories which are ad relevance, click-through rate and even landing page experience. If you also run a PPC campaign and your quality scores are not good, then here are top 3 tips to improve your quality score for these categories for PPC.

  • Increase CTR: If any keyword is getting 1% or less than 1% CTR on the Google network, then it is recommended to pause or modify it. You can change your match types. With the right phrase match or exact match, you can filter the traffic that is not relevant to your ad. Create your ad copy more engaging by modifying the wording and adding some call to action that grab the attention of many users.
  • Syncing Landing Pages: If your landing page looks irrelevant to your ad and has a high bounce rate, then it may affect your quality score. It is important to consider that your ads are relevant to your pages they visit by using the same keywords and verbiage in your PPC ads.
  • Focus On Your Themes: Make sure that your ad groups have great themes with similar keywords to better ensure that your keywords match your PPC ads. With organized themes in ad groups, it will not just improve your quality score but will also make it easier to analyze the performance of your campaign.

Well, analyzing quality score and mentioning it in the PPC report is quite time-consuming if you do it manually, but with the help of a PPC reporting tool, you can easily do it while saving your time and efforts. Dataslayer is the best PPC reporting tool you can download free of cost to create engaging PPC reports and schedule automation.

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