Dataslayer for Google Data Studio

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Make the most of Data Studio’s Dashboards with all your data from any source

With you can import into Data Studio all your campaign’s data from Adwords, DV360, Google Analytics and more.

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Why for Datastudio?

Google Data Studio is great to create very visual and effective dashboards. helps you quickly pull data from as many sources as you need.

* Get more metrics than the native sources
* Have automate and schedule refreshes to save time
* Amaze your colleagues with your reports

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Bing (Work in progress)

LinkedIn (Work in progress)

Google My Business (Work in progress)

SA360 (Waiting to be published)

Show your results with stunning dashboards

Spreadsheets are great for uploading and creating data, and for performing numerical analysis, but they can be inefficient to show your results to non-marketers. With for Data Studio you can easily create very visual dashboards that will impress everybody.
We do our best to bring you all the metrics and dimensions from the most important marketing platforms. In fact, you might even find some metrics and dimensions that aren’t available in native sources.

It’s super easy to create dashboards and update them automatically in Data Studio.

We fetch data from Google Analytics, Adwords, DV360 and more to come!